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The United Kingdom has a number of rehab centres in different cities around the country.

Our addiction¬†treatment specialists can help you find the best option for your needs, whether it’s residential or outpatient care.

Please see below of all our locations based in the United Kingdom & Worldwide.


Our trained addiction counsellors are on hand 24 hours a day.

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Most Frequently Asked Questions

How Can Rehab Centers UK Help You?

We created Rehab Centers UK to help assist those suffering from alcohol & substance abuse. Our services include an assement of what your needs are regarding rehab, recommending suitable residential or outpatient addiction treatment in your area and many more. All of our services are tailored to you as we know not every recovery is the same.

What If I Need Help Over The Phone?

We have a 24/7 recovery helpline that are always happy to offer you an inital assement of where you are currently are and what needs you will be requiring. The call will normally last around 10-15 minutes but can go for as long as they need to be. The treatments we recommend will be tailored to you on what we we believe will be the best treatment from home detoxs to residential rehab.

Can Rehab Centers UK Offer Me Free Rehab Treatment?

We understand that a lack of funds may leave you wondering if you are suitable for treatments but this should never become you and your road to recovery. Paying for a private treatment will always be a fast-track to begin your treatment but this doesn't mean that's the only treatment avaliable to you. There are rehabs managed by statutory-funded sources that will require a GP referral to these types of treatment. The NHS lists all organsiations on it's website.

Our Easy Admission Process

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Once we’ve walked you through the details, we will book a start date or immediate admission into a rehab.

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With everything orgainsed we can arrange transport to your rehab clinic tailored to your addiction.