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Are you or a loved one suffering from addiction within the Bristol area? Here we go into detail about the different types of addiction, various treatments available and how you can benefit from treatment for addiction.

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Learning about drug and alcohol rehab can help you connect and find the right rehab centre and rehab programme for you in your local area.

Drug and alcohol addiction can not only harm your body and your mental health long-term, but it can also harm the people around you that care for you.

If you need drug or alcohol rehab (detox and therapy) you are not alone, whether that be an alcohol addiction, or drug addiction such as cocaine, cannabis, heroin, prescription drug addiction or any other addictive substance.

We understand that the thought of a rehab centre can be an overwhelming or a daunting experience, Rehab Centres UK however, are here to help you find the right rehab treatment in Bristol, so you won’t need to worry, you will be in the right care.

Need Help With Your Addiction?

If you are looking for rehab for your addiction, contact our 24/7 support line for help at 0808 175 7225 today.

Types Of Drug Or Alcohol Addiction

In this section, we will talk about some of the main most common types of addiction, from alcohol addiction to prescription drug addiction. Drug and alcohol addiction rehab for these types of addictions is what is required – let’s see how our rehab centres in Bristol can help you!

Alcohol Addiction Bristol

Alcohol abuse and addiction can have extremely negative consequences for the individual with the problem and also the people around them.

An alcohol problem is colloquially known as ‘alcoholism’ and dependent drinkers are referred to as ‘alcoholics’ – however, in the DSM-5, it is known as alcohol use disorder.

This is the term used by medical professionals. Alcohol issues are recognised as a mental and physical illness that is characterised by the urge or need to drink alcohol despite the extremely negative effects that it can have on one’s self.

In England alone, it’s estimated there are over 600,000 dependent drinkers and sadly only 18% of those receive treatment. [i]

Alcohol dependency can negatively affect your life, some of the areas in your life it can affect include; your relationships, career, finances, overall well-being and physical and mental health problems.

People that have an alcohol misuse problem are dependent on alcohol, and they may or may not be aware of their problem.

When someone has become dependent on alcohol for a long period the body becomes accustomed to it and if removed suddenly can have a negative signal to the body that something is wrong.

If you suspect a loved one or someone you know to be reliant on the use of alcohol or if you require help yourself for how to control your alcohol consumption then call us today to discuss how we can help.

Cannabis Addiction Bristol

Cannabis is the most popular drug in the UK and the most addicted to – as 30% of people who use cannabis develop an addiction to cannabis. [ii]

Cannabis will give a person a ‘high’, whilst long-term usage can cause issues to relationships, lifestyle and health.

You are not alone if you think you may be addicted to cannabis, so give our centre a call if you think you need some help and we will be happy to assist you with many different treatment options.

Cocaine Addiction Bristol

Cocaine is one of the most popular and commonly used drugs in the UK. Cocaine is a drug that alters the brain by causing energy and activity to be boosted, dopamine is released from the brain and feels like a reward, making the user feel very alert.

Frequent and heavy users of the drug can lead to cocaine dependency and addiction. People who struggle to feel energised and happy often rely on cocaine as the solution.

If you are seeking help in Bristol for yourself or someone you suspect to have a cocaine problem, then feel free to contact us today for an update on a rehab facility that you could attend – it could save your or a loved one’s physical and mental health by finding the user the right cocaine rehab.

Ketamine Addiction Bristol

Ketamine is a dissociative anaesthetic that is used in the medical and veterinary fields. Frequent use of Ketamine can lead to you developing a psychological dependency and ketamine addiction can be tough to break.

Often used as a party drug by young adults across the UK, ketamine is illegal for recreational use and we can help you find the right ketamine rehab Bristol centre for you.

Opioids And Heroin Addiction Bristol

Heroin is an illicit drug that enters your brain quickly, causing an exceedingly intense and fast high. Taking heroin or opioids in excess and/or long-term can be extremely dangerous.

Like with most drugs a tolerance is developed after repeated usage, so to achieve a high close to a first experience a user will feel the urge to take more of the same drug in an attempt of feeling the same effect.

This is the problem with repeated usage, users will begin to feel the lack of effectiveness and it becomes the norm, causing them to continually chase the high by taking more and more.

Over-abuse of heroin and opioids can lead to death or serious health complications, contact us today so we can find the appropriate heroin rehab therapy centre for you in Bristol so you can start your recovery journey today.

Prescription Drug Addiction

Prescription drugs can be as addictive as alcohol and illegal drugs, just because something is prescribed and is legal does it mean that it can’t be addictive.

The main types of prescription drugs that can lead to addiction are sedatives, opiates, stimulants, antipsychotic medications, antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications.

The risk of becoming addicted to prescription drugs is increased if you abuse your prescription, mix your prescription with other illegal drugs or alcohol or by taking someone else’s prescription drugs that have not been prescribed to you.

Do get in touch with us at Rehab Centres UK if you require our help in finding you the right support and the right prescription drug rehab.

Book Your Free Addiction Assessment

We understand this, which is why we offer free telephone addiction assessments with experienced addiction experts and case managers. If we cannot help, we can tell you where could.

What To Expect From Drug And Alcohol Rehab Bristol

The drug and alcohol treatment programmes in rehab will vary from person to person as every person’s addiction and needs will be different.

The addiction treatment programme guidelines tend to remain the same, firstly on your addiction rehab programme, you will undergo an assisted medical detox, alongside therapy and then finish off with aftercare.

To understand more about the rehab drug detox and rehab alcohol detox process, along with the therapy side of rehab, then read below for more information.

Bristol Drug and Alcohol Detox

A detox in rehab will always begin with addressing the substance abuse, by eliminating it from the body – how long this will take will depend on different factors such as the person, the amount of substance that is in the body and how addicted the person is to the drug or alcohol.

Detoxing from certain drugs can have nasty and severe withdrawal symptoms, in such cases it can be necessary to be medically supervised at all times due to the dangerous nature of intense withdrawals, which can be unbearable at some points.

It is always best to have the caring support of a professional to help you through some of the hardest withdrawal moments and together with the right ongoing support throughout, we can help you help yourself withdraw from any drug in the city of Bristol.

Bristol Drug and Alcohol Therapy

After the detox from the drugs and/or alcohol from the body, you will be able to progress to the next stage of the rehab process.

The next stage involves dealing with the psychological and behavioural aspects of addiction, working on your lack of self-belief and confidence issues in yourself along with your mental health.

A range of therapies will be offered, this may include therapy in a group setting, one-to-one therapy, holistic therapies such as art or sports therapy, counselling and also cognitive behaviour therapy too.

Some of these therapies will only be offered and available in a private rehab centre whereas public addiction treatment centres may have a limited choice of therapies available.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Cognitive behavioural therapy, often abbreviated to CBT is a popular form of therapy in rehab, allowing one to deal with their mental health issues, thoughts and feelings in a much more structured way, aimed at breaking the negative patterns of behaviour, thoughts, actions and feelings.

Bristol Secondary Treatment

Once completing your therapy treatment in rehab you may want to continue treatment as secondary treatment as an outpatient – also known as extended care, secondary rehab care is the third and last stage of the rehabilitation process.

This is considered the true part of the process as this is the transitional phase in your life, you are going back to your life outside and it is down to you to make sure you carry forward your new and improved life.

This can be the difficult part, but by remembering what you have learnt through the various therapies undertaken in rehab, you are more than capable of succeeding in the outside world.

Finding You The Best Addiction Treatment

It is natural to feel uneasy about rehab treatment services in Bristol, but just thinking about it means you have already identified the issue in yourself and are therefore already on your way to recovery – which is an achievement in itself.

Remembering you are not alone in this, drug and alcohol addiction is common and many people have found themselves in your position and have sought help to overcome their addiction, and you can too.

Rehab Centres UK will be there to support and help find you the best rehab setting for you in your local area of Bristol, so you can get back to your new and improved self – drug or alcohol-free.

Claim your freedom from addiction today, your rehab journey will be tailored to you, whatever you need – the best treatment plan will be made and specific to you so you can get the addiction treatment you deserve, all in a friendly and caring rehab environment.

Do not hesitate, you can contact us by calling our addiction support helpline to discuss your options and start your recovery process today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about drug and alcohol rehab treatment in Bristol? Get the answers and learn more about alcohol and drug rehab with some of our frequently asked questions:

What Should I Expect From My First Rehab Session in Bristol?

Firstly it will always start of with asking you some questions during the consultation time that will help the rehab centre know what type of treatment you will need. 

Are There Any Additional Therapy Options?

In Bristol there are multiple choices of additional therapy options. People often find after rehab they can feel isolated to help so these two options are great to help you succeed in your rehabilitation journey.


This includes:

1:1 therapy – This is great if you need more support after rehab

Group therapy – If it makes you feel more comfortable being in a group this is a great option

Can You Force Someone to go to Rehab?
When discussing if you can force someone to go to rehab, the short answer is no. However, if you truly believe that a loved one will benefit from addiction treatment at their local rehab centre – having open discussions with them about what you’re seeing may help them decide to try.


Our trained addiction counsellors are on hand 24 hours a day.

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