Are you or a loved one suffering from addiction within the Peterborough area? Here we go into detail about the different types of addiction, various treatments available and how you can benefit from treatment for addiction.

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For anybody struggling with drug and alcohol addiction in Peterborough, it may be challenging to recognise what is going on if you’ve never researched drugs or alcohol, and the effects they can have – including tolerance and dependence.

However, if you’re seeing a rapid decline in friendships, family relationships, work and many more, plus, you are noticing yourself with a craving for a substance – there may be an underlying issue.

Sometimes, you may see it as embarrassing that you have a drug or alcohol addiction – yet millions of people go through this every day. So, no matter what, you will not be alone in this journey.

Here, at Rehab Centres UK, we’re in contact with the most optimal rehab clinics in your local area to offer you the greatest support. No matter the substance abuse issue, support will be provided as a must!

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What Drug and Alcohol Addiction Do we Treat in Rehab Peterborough?

As you know, if the addiction is serious, you will gain the highest-level drug or alcohol rehab in Peterborough. In contrast, you may not even know the types of addiction and what the causes of these drugs can be when taken frequently.

Below, our research will help you gauge each drug’s side effects and whether one of these substances is showing similar patterns to what you’re experiencing.

Let’s run through the main drug and alcohol problems that are requiring increased treatment programmes across the country.

Cannabis Addiction

With continuous use around the country, cannabis is becoming one of the most favoured drugs that are abused across the UK. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t see it as a problem and identify it as a plant that can help with stress and possible mental health issues.

Therefore, people will become reliant on this drug and use it as a mechanism to forget about what’s really going on.

Psychological cannabis addiction can be extremely powerful, so if you feel as though cannabis is a burden on your performance and you’re struggling to quit or control your cannabis use, get help today.

Ketamine Addiction

As we study this drug endlessly, we’re recognising that younger adults and teenagers are the main users and abusers of this drug. With the drug causing a detached-type feeling, some people are finding freedom from using this substance.

However, once you build a dependence, it can be difficult to break. Not only will it affect the chemical balances in your brain, but you will crave the feeling of the ‘high’ often. If this is the case, consider a ketamine detox immediately.

Prescription Drugs Addiction

Prescription medication from your local doctor is a common occurrence – you can be prescribed medication for a range of mental and physical health issues. Conversely, this doesn’t change the fact that a person can become dependent on a drug, even if it’s helping them.

Often, these drugs are addictive and people will have them throughout the day with their meals/ drinks. Prescription drug abuse can quickly lead to addiction.

Abusing prescription drugs can involve taking them much, taking them too often – or simply taking them in any way other than prescribed.

Ensuring that you sign up for prescription drug rehab if this is happening is paramount. Book yours today.

Cocaine Addiction

Nightlife is extremely popular in the UK. Alcohol abuse often leads to you wanting an energy boost to keep you active. With cocaine releasing dopamine and being known for boosting energy levels, it is easy to see why people develop a cocaine addiction.

Cocaine detox is a perfect treatment for an individual who regularly ingests and finds ways to take cocaine. If this is something you see in yourself, contact our friendly team at Rehab Centres UK today.

Heroin/ Opioid Addiction

Unfortunately, the elation and side effects of this drug can cause extreme highs that become immensely addictive. Using these drugs over and over will lead to you requiring a higher dose each time.

Heroin addiction is something that can be treated over time (some may take longer due to regular abuse). However, this is ultimately the best decision to live a substance-free life again!

Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction typically has its own column from an abuse standpoint. With it not being available until you’re 18 in the UK, people will tend to binge as soon as they reach legal age – or even before so. This can lead to a never-ending cycle of drinking alcohol frequently.

If you see yourself beginning to change plans in order to suit your wants for alcohol, or you’re unable to control how much you drink, how often you drink, or when you drink, it is worth getting in touch with our team to explore the right treatment options in Peterborough.

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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Process in Peterborough

At Rehab Centres UK, our main aspiration is to get people who need help the treatment they deserve. Once our experts learn about what is causing this and what drug it is that is being abused, you can begin your addiction recovery journey.

You may feel helpless – like no one will be able to reach you. However, our founder and millions of others around the world have all made a recovery journey worth making a fuss about. Let it be you next!

Here is the step-by-step procedure that you will go through for alcoholism and drug abuse to make an impressive addiction recovery:

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Peterborough: Addiction Detoxification

Drug or alcohol rehab centres in Peterborough will often start with a full detox of the substance you’re having issues with. No matter the drug or alcohol addiction, this process will be challenging for everyone – and often, even more so for the ones who have been using the substance for a long time (or a lot of it).

Withdrawal symptoms will be less or more intense depending on these factors. More severe symptoms often call for medical assistance. You may also be prescribed detox medication which can ease the process.

Additionally, if you have a dual diagnosis, rehab treatment will likely become tougher. The drug and alcohol rehab process is beneficial for you and your health – so getting through anything should be your main priority!

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Peterborough: Therapy Treatment

Drug and alcohol rehab in Peterborough will then move on to the next stage after you have concluded the detoxification process.

Therapy, whether you select inpatient therapy (residential rehab), outpatient therapy (at-home rehab), cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) or many more choices – will ultimately aim to deal with any mental/psychological troubles you’ve been experiencing.

Stress, anxiety and mental health disorders, in general, are common in most cases before the addiction occurs. Having counsellors and medical professionals there to put you back on track will certainly help you deal with these issues, one step at a time.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Peterborough: Addiction Aftercare/Secondary Treatment

Lastly, drug and alcohol rehab in Peterborough will offer patients a chance to keep their current relationship with their current rehab centre. Not everyone after drug and alcohol rehab will be able to return to a substance-free life with ease.

Sometimes, there will be urges to relapse and that is what aftercare/secondary treatment presents to campaign against/ help you with. Addiction treatment may work for the short term, but aftercare will help in the long term, so this stage should not go a miss.

How Much Does Drug and Alcohol Rehab Cost in Peterborough?

Whatever type of therapy seems to help you the fastest will not always mean that it will be an affordable option going forwards. Typically, private rehab will cost a lot more due to the consistent 1-to-1 taking place.

Whereas, if you decide to go with the NHS alternative, you may be able to go through one of the charity-run treatment programs which will allow you to talk to fellow addicts and work as a team to solve the problem.

Support groups are another free form of drug and alcohol rehab. Nevertheless, it will all come down to the amount of money you’re willing to spend or the time you want to spend in order to help yourself.

Call us today to run through your ongoing situation and we will do our very best to give you the best feedback and addiction treatment plan that aligns with your budget/ how fast you want to be treated.

Get in touch and no matter your location – we’ll give you all the detailed information you need!


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