Are you or a loved one suffering from addiction within the Edinburgh area? Here we go into detail about the different types of addiction, various treatments available and how you can benefit from treatment for addiction.

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As you’re looking for recovery programs (whether it be you or a loved one) – it can be challenging to come out and say that you’re addicted to drugs or alcohol.

However, most of the time, education on drug and alcohol addicition isn’t brought upon the nation in order to resolve this ongoing problem.

On the other hand, if you’re seeing yourself grow into a substance, realising that you’re requiring it on a consistent level and cannot live without thoughts of the substance – addiction is typically what the issue is.

Here at Rehab Centres UK, our overall mission is to relieve addicts of their addiction and live substance-free lives again. It isn’t as easy as some people think to just dispose of a substance.

Therefore, that is why we offer an array of addiction treatment programmes across the country (and your local area) for you to make a huge turnaround.

Carry on reading along to learn the ins and outs of each addiction type (whether that be alcohol abuse or drug abuse – so that change can become a reality in quick succession.

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What Are the Different Addictions For Drug and Alcohol Rehab?

Heroin/opioids, alcohol, ketamine, cocaine, cannabis and prescription drugs are all common addictions that we witness daily with new enquiries or patients joining our rehab clinics around the UK.

In Edinburgh, it is no different. Some of these substances can often be mixed with each other, leading to extremely dangerous side effects and withdrawal symptoms. Unfortunately, the addiction rate is still rising and addiction treatment is still a necessary plan for patients.

Now that you know the different addiction types, whether it be drug or alcohol addiction, we believe that it is vital that you learn each one, what it does to you and the negative impact it can have on your daily life.

However, in some cases, you will know exactly what you want, rather than being completely oblivious to the substance you desire. Whatever your situation, we’re here to help. Here is a deeper delve into each type of drug and alcohol addiction:

Alcohol Addiction

More informally known as alcoholism, an alcohol use disorder can be just as damaging as any drug addiction on this list – especially in the long term with potential alcohol abuse issues such as liver problems, heart disease, stroke and many more.

As for the short-term, accidents are enhanced when indulging in this substance, along with possible alcohol poisoning as well. Alcohol addiction can be treated with a multitude of treatment programmes – book yours today if you feel as though this is a major complication.

Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine addiction can be inherited by frequent abuse of cocaine. When you use this substance often, you will notice that your dependence and dosage will rise every time.

Cocaine rehab (residential rehab or outpatient treatment) is a truly effective way of discarding this substance from your life for good – contact us today for more information!

Cannabis Addiction

Although you may feel ‘chilled out’ when you’re smoking cannabis, some people can have opposing stress and anxiety from it too. As you begin to take the drug more frequently, the psychological dependence will often rise and it will require more to feel the same effects.

Before problems in relationships, lazy habits and many more become a staple in your life – reach out to our team today to fight against your cannabis addiction.

Heroin/Opioid Addiction

Even with small doses, this drug can become highly addictive after you first take it. Not only that but the effects will shoot straight up to your brain, blocking important signals to the rest of your body which can potentially be life-threatening. Pain relief is a habitual reason why people will take this drug.

Consequently, overdosing is a risk of this drug. Whereas, if you deal with your heroin addiction/ opioid addiction early, you will be a lot less likely to overdose and make the full recovery you require.

Prescription Drug Addiction

There is a false narrative around the UK that all prescription drugs are safe. In certain doses, these can be wonderful substances that doctors will hand out in low doses for certain issues a patient is dealing with.

Yet, once you begin to take more than you need and pair it with other food or drink in your day, we would recommend that you seek help immediately for your prescription drug addiction.

Ketamine Addiction

Ketamine can create some serious physical implications such as difficulty breathing, high blood pressure, seizures and many more that can negatively impact your life.

Contact our experienced team (for your addiction rehab treatment options) to ensure that this ketamine addiction doesn’t lead to an overdose.

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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Edinburgh: Addiction Treatment Program

Drug and alcohol rehab can often be overlooked by patients who need support as they believe it will not assist them in any way. Nonetheless, our drug and alcohol rehab centres across the UK have seen immense progress with these steps.

Of course, not every alcohol and drug rehab program will be the same because every person will be enduring different problems.

Yet, the main step-by-step drug and alcohol addiction treatment plan will always have the same structure. Here is the procedure to give you the best chance of a successful recovery:

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Edinburgh: Addiction Treatment Detoxification

The first stage of tackling drug or alcohol addiction using drug and alcohol rehab is utilising a drug or alcohol detox. Essentially, this aims to take away the drug or alcohol from your life as a whole.

Withdrawal symptoms are often the downfall of this stage as you will begin to crave the substance once you don’t have it. Nevertheless, if you feel as if you will struggle with alcohol rehab or drug rehab, medical supervision can be provided to ease the withdrawal symptoms.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Edinburgh: Addiction Treatment Therapy

No matter how long it takes you to finish your drug and alcohol rehab detox, the rehab clinic that we provide will stick with you through the whole procedure. After the detox is completed, the next stage that addiction treatment centres take you through, is therapy.

Whether you find group therapy, private therapy or the most common (cognitive behavioural therapy, known as CBT) – these will have the priority of facing the behavioural and psychological mental health problems that the individual is experiencing. Once you feel comfortable with your personal traits again, you will be able to move to the last stage of therapy.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Edinburgh: Addiction Treatment Aftercare

You may think that once you’ve physically taken the substance out of your life and received professional therapy, everything is finished. Well, for some, they might be completely ready to go and live a substance-free life.

On the flip side, sometimes the doubts and cravings can creep back in if you’re left on your own. However, here at Rehab Centres UK, we have aftercare rehab treatment programmes put in place to help you ease back into your daily recovery.

Cost of Rehab in Edinburgh

Drug and alcohol rehab can be split into two opposing categories. You can either pay for rehab or attend free addiction treatment.

If you opt for rehab for NHS patients, with there being so many people using this route, you will have many people in front of you waiting for drug and alcohol rehab themselves.

Whereas, if you opt for paid public drug and alcohol rehab clinics (private rehab), you will receive attention a lot faster.

That’s why at our alcohol rehab clinics or drug rehab clinics, you have the ability to call our medical professionals, in order to book your public Edinburgh rehab centre in a location near you today!


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