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Are you or a loved one suffering from addiction within the Bolton area? Here we go into detail about the different types of addiction, the various treatments that are available and how you can benefit from treatment for addiction.

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Before you try and solve a drug or alcohol addiction for either yourself or a loved one within your circle – learning about the topic and different types of addiction is a crucial start.

Without the necessary knowledge, it will be harder to break down the addiction treatment options that will ensure long-term recovery. This is why, here at Rehab Centres UK – we’re constantly searching for the best rehab programmes, rehab clinics and addiction treatments for patients to make a full recovery.

You may feel as though you’re alone during this process, but there are millions of people going through addiction every day. The ones who choose to seek medical help are the ones who are seeing minimal withdrawal symptoms and success in recovery and returning to a substance-free life.

Addiction can be painful. Not only physically, but psychologically and emotionally too. Therefore, we understand this isn’t going to be an easy process – but we’re here with you every step of the way.

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If You're Speculating Your Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Each substance that can be taken too much and too often will damage every aspect of your life. Although the ‘high’ may feel good and relieve some stress or give you a sense of euphoria at the moment, this will soon die down.

Relationships, finances and overall well-being will be deteriorating the more you become dependent on drug addiction or alcohol addiction. Typically, it is not simple to break this drug or alcohol addiction – but the first step to addiction treatment and recovery is realising that the addiction is there. So, you’re on the right path to starting the best addiction treatment programmes.

If you’ve concluded that you or someone you know or love is suffering from a mild or serious addiction – please contact us to find out more about the drug and alcohol addiction treatment process. Let’s see how we and the most elite rehab clinics can help you, today.

Types of Drug and Alcohol Addiction Bolton

Drug and alcohol rehab in Bolton will see many opposing variants of addictions. Whether it be a mild addiction, a serious drug and alcohol addiction or whether it be cocaine or ketamine.

There are a series of different ways this can go. However, before we learn how the addiction treatment process works for them – we first have to understand the different types of addictions that can be inherited.

Read on to find out more about each substance when it comes to drug and alcohol substance abuse.

Alcohol Addiction Bolton

If you feel as though alcohol is a massive part of your life and you couldn’t do without it, you may need to consider looking into some form of addiction treatment or maybe therapy sessions to start.

Even though alcohol is not defined as a drug, its long-term effects are just as bad, especially if you find yourself consistently partaking in drinking alcohol.

Especially knowing the embracing of alcohol within the UK, drinking alcohol in large amounts is never seen as a problem in the community.

However, there are major health discrepancies and issues you may face such as weight gain, liver damage, potential heart problems, etc.

With this in mind, you may consider alcohol rehab – we believe that consistent drinking and the need for alcohol within your life are regular. It is worth reaching out to our helpline today for more advice.

Drug Addiction Bolton

With drug addiction, there are a host of substances that a person can become addicted to. Cocaine, heroin/opioids, cannabis, ketamine and prescription drugs are the most common drugs that are being abused nowadays. Let’s run through each substance and its negative effects.

If you’re seeing a correlation in the consequences of the abused substance – realising that this may be a problem is ultimately the beginning of a successful recovery journey in the Bolton area.

Ketamine Addiction

Ketamine is vastly popular among the younger community and the party scene nowadays. Because of the extremely quick ‘high’ you experience via snorting – it is an easy and quick way to become detached and happy.

However, due to the rapid effect, it has on your brain’s chemistry – it is common to become dependent on this drug.

A ketamine detox will be needed without delay before the dosage begins to rise and dependence becomes more resistant to break. Reach out to us today to learn more about ketamine addiction and how we can help.

Prescription Drug Addiction

With most of the rules coming from the doctor with this drug, it is easily mistaken that prescription drugs can’t be either harmful or potentially addictive.

Of course, a doctor will give a firm decision on how high the dosage should be. But, this won’t stop anyone from increasing their dosage by themselves at home.

If a person sees positive effects from prescription drugs, it will be easy to become reliant on them.

Consequently, a huge vulnerability can be formed and it will be hard to break the cycle of taking them regularly.

Do you believe that you or a loved one may have a prescription drug addiction? Prescription drug rehab will be key to this recovery, so call us today to begin the process.

Cocaine Addiction

Similar to ketamine, this drug is also a short-lived party drug. However, this drug will boost energy, mood and overall excitement. With these side effects being exactly what you want when you’re at a party, festival or club – this is a popular drug to become addicted to.

However, when you become reliant on this drug to help you with these feelings – when sober, it becomes hard to experience the same ‘high’. Therefore, the dosage will only rise (increasing the chances of heart attack or stroke). [i]

We recommend that anyone becoming addicted to cocaine, reach out to us, so we can put you in contact with a cocaine rehab immediately!

Cannabis Addiction

Due to cannabis being the most popular drug in the UK, there is a serious issue with the amount of cannabis being consumed.

[ii] This will not only ruin relationships and cost money, but it will waste time away like it isn’t there.

If you think you, a friend or a family member has a cannabis addiction, get in touch with us through our website.

Heroin/ Opioid Addiction

These illicit types of drugs are commonly known as a drug with an exceedingly potent ‘high’. After becoming numb to a certain dosage, they will increase over time and begin to add up to dangerous levels of intake.

Large amounts of these substances can lead to health implications with irreversible effects or even death for some users. Finding a heroin rehab today will be the course of action that will help prevent these factors from coming to fruition. Call us today to schedule your rehab.

Book Your Free Addiction Assessment

We understand this, which is why we offer free telephone addiction assessments with experienced addiction experts and case managers. If we cannot help, we can tell you where could.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Bolton

Drug and alcohol rehab in Bolton will have the same goals and aspirations for its patients as all drug and alcohol rehab centres in the UK.With your addiction history, an addiction treatment process will take place, where the treatment centres will put you through a series of recovery stages.Even if you think all drug and alcohol rehab centres are the same and may not help, we can assure you that the success rate and rehab programmes available will certainly put you in the right direction.

Process of Addiction Treatment

Now that you understand the goals and aspirations of what these drug or alcohol rehab centres want for you – it is time to run through the process they will take you through.

It may be a struggle, but after completion – you will feel a sense of accomplishment and pride. Let’s run through the process.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Detox

For rehab in Bolton and the surrounding areas, the first part of the addiction treatment will consist of detoxing the patient completely from the drug and alcohol.

The time it takes to detox fully will depend on the person and their addiction history, mental health issues, severity of withdrawal symptoms, etc.

Having the right drug and alcohol rehab with you during this part of the recovery process is crucial because it can become easy to relapse and give in to the withdrawal symptoms (due to them being uncomfortable).

However, if you have the best drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres, have a strong will and want to live a substance-free life, it is possible to achieve a successful detox.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Therapy

After you’ve dealt with and gone through the detox process of your drug and alcohol rehab journey – the therapy will now focus on gaining back your confidence and well-being during a sober phase.

Unlike detoxing, this is a more behavioural and psychological addiction treatment procedure. Due to there being so many forms of therapy – taking you through the most common and effective will be most suitable.

Cognitive behavioural therapy, group therapy, and private 1-to-1 sessions are the most favoured of the bunch due to their ability to delve deeper into mental health issues, anxiety and depression side of your life.

Helping with these aspects and being heard can be extremely helpful for a person’s confidence and overall happiness.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Secondary Treatment/ Aftercare

Once you’ve accomplished these two processes of drug and alcohol rehab – you will slowly be approaching the end of your time at the chosen treatment centres. Yet, this is where it can be tempting to relapse.

This is why alcohol and drug addiction treatment offers a secondary/aftercare plan for patients (whether it be inpatient or outpatient rehab).

If you’ve found parts of therapy helpful for your mental health, confidence and well-being as a human – you have the option to keep these in your life until you feel comfortable on your own.

What is Next From Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres in Bolton

Lastly, we just want to say that each drug and alcohol rehab centre in Bolton will not judge your or a loved one’s addiction as they undergo rehab treatments for hundreds of people.

If you feel ashamed about getting in touch, understand that treating this addiction is the ultimate goal and that should take all importance and effort. Here at Rehab Centres uk, we’re consistently available to contact – where we will give you advice on what your next steps should be.

From there, a tailored plan and drug and alcohol rehab centre will be designated for you (in your area) and you will begin to undergo your recovery journey with our help. Contact us today to take these steps forward.


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