Are you or a loved one suffering from addiction within the Blackpool area? Here we go into detail about the different types of addiction, various treatments available and how you can benefit from treatment for addiction.

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Everything you need to know about drug and alcohol addiction and the addiction treatment process behind it is what we’re looking to help you with.

Although, before you understand each individual way of treating addiction – realising that you or a loved one has an addiction is the first step to addiction recovery.

Not only will you see the physical and psychological consequences of every addiction – but your social interactions with the people closest to you will begin to deteriorate.

Worries and problems will begin to creep up on everything around you and will start to feel different from before. However, we understand that the addiction treatment journey isn’t easy. Even picking up the phone to call a rehab centre can be a challenge.

On the flip side, if you get in contact with us today, no one is going to judge your level of alcohol and drug addiction. As we’re looking to support and care for anyone in need of drug and alcohol rehab!

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Drug and Alcohol Addiction Blackpool

If you’re thinking of trying to discard these drugs or alcohol out of your life on your own – then it may be a lot more difficult to get rid of with no guidance.

Firstly, you may not even know what type of addiction you have or the effects it can have on your life. These are the pivotal factors you must undergo before addiction treatment begins.

If it is legal or illegal, drugs and alcohol can still be addictive and cause massive health implications. Therefore, you need to first learn about each drug (and alcohol). Here are the most commonly used and abused drugs today in the UK:

Different Forms of Drug and Alcohol Addiction

When you think of drugs – you may think that there are only a couple or certain ones that are addictive. There are many more than you may first have thought. Let’s run through each illicit and legal drug that is favoured around the country.

Alcohol Addiction

With alcohol rehab becoming more and more prevalent, it is hard to understand why alcohol is so accepted among the UK public. However, from a young age, we are brought into a society filled with a large amount of alcohol being consumed regularly.

Just because it isn’t considered a drug, it is still a dangerous substance. Especially for your long-term health. Alcohol misuse can cause liver damage, heart problems and serious weight issues.

Therefore, if you feel as if alcohol addiction may be a problem within your life, reach out today so we can look into finding you an alcohol rehab!

Drug Addiction

Each drug that is listed below will be the cause of opposing effects – whether that be different signals or chemical reactions. Not just that, but the psychological, social and physical downfalls of each drug.

Learning about each substance will give you a clearer and smarter mind on your daily decisions (possibly giving you a nudge to contact us). Let’s take a look at each drug and what each substance abuse can foreshadow.

Cocaine Addiction

With nightlife and parties being so popular among the UK public, cocaine is beginning to become a mainstream drug in this environment. With dopamine being released every time you take cocaine, it is understandable why people become dependent on the substance.

However, with tolerance increasing every time it is taken – cocaine addiction will become stronger and stronger and harder to break. A cocaine detox, if you or a loved one is regularly taking this drug will be needed as soon as possible!

Ketamine Addiction

Similar to cocaine, ketamine is also a largely favoured drug in the party scene and has tendencies to become dependent on also!

However, it is a more chilled and detached experience compared to cocaine. Looking for ketamine rehab? Call us immediately through our website!

Prescription Drugs Addiction

Prescription drugs, unlike the rest of the drugs we’re going through, are completely legal and prescribed by doctors. Despite this, they can still be highly addictive if taken regularly.

For example, if a person feels the benefit of a prescription drug, they may be more inclined to take bigger dosages or mix them with other substances.

This is seriously dangerous for your long-term health. To stop this from becoming a damaging issue, visit the prescription drug detox page on our website!

Heroin/ Opioid Addiction

With a huge risk of short, mid and long-term health discrepancies, heroin and opioids can have a major impact on your future. If taken consistently, the intense ‘high’ will slowly begin to become less and less.

Meaning that the dosages of these drugs will go up drastically.

When you take too much of this substance, it can lead to overdose or death depending on how serious your dosage becomes.

Reach out to us to find out more about heroin detox and how it can aid you in getting rid of these drugs in your life.

Cannabis Addiction

Casual or hard cannabis users will find it exceedingly difficult to stop taking the drug – if taking it consistently. Some of the short-term side effects consist of paranoia, severe anxiety, short-term memory loss, etc.

With it being the most sought-after drug in the UK, we advise anyone with a cannabis addiction to reach use our website for cannabis rehab today! [i]

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We understand this, which is why we offer free telephone addiction assessments with experienced addiction experts and case managers. If we cannot help, we can tell you where could.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Blackpool (Addiction Treatment Process)

Drug and alcohol rehab Blackpool has the main goal of creating the most successful addiction treatment. The same goes for us here at Rehab Centres UK as our mission for you to find the best drug and alcohol rehab centre in Blackpool surges on.

Feeling as though you’re completely absent from everything else apart from drugs is where a conscious decision has to be made to help yourself.

Drug rehab and alcohol rehab addiction treatment has a similar execution – wherever you go in the UK. Although you may think because the processes are the same that it may not be worth it is far from the truth.

These proven methods have helped millions of people struggling with drug addiction or alcohol addiction create a substance-free life. Here is the process behind it:

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Detox

With the alcohol detox or drug detox process – each drug and alcohol rehab clinic will medically assist a patient to discard the addicted substance from their life.

This physically challenging addiction treatment process may cause unpleasant and dangerous withdrawal symptoms (depending on the level of addiction).

These withdrawal symptoms can be a painful experience mentally and physically, but ultimately it is needed to get through your addiction treatment. A drug and alcohol detox will be the first step toward recovery!

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Therapy

Once your drug and alcohol detox is completed productively, you will be ready for the next step of drug and alcohol rehab.

Drug and alcohol therapy will be more so focused on the psychological and behavioural meaning behind your addiction and targeting the potential underlying mental health conditions that a patient may be facing.

Group therapy, holistic therapy and cognitive behavioural therapy are all common methods of therapy used during drug and alcohol rehab. Medical professionals use these forms of therapy to build a person’s confidence and overall well-being during the steps to a happy, sober life.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Aftercare

Once both these stages of rehab are completed in drug and alcohol rehab centres and you think you’re ready to live a substance-free life – you may be worried about relapse.

This is a common occurrence that happens when a patient chooses to have no secondary treatment/ aftercare. They will give in to the craving for the substance and relapse – meaning the whole process will have to restart.

However, with aftercare, you will be provided with any help you need at home. For example, you may have enjoyed the therapy sessions or counselling that helped deal with external issues.

Finding the Right Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres in Blackpool

Drug or alcohol rehab Blackpool will always be looking out for the best, most tailored rehab programme to help you recover… if you reach out to them.

No matter your location or level of drug and alcohol abuse, don’t be ashamed or hesitate to make it heard that you want help. It is not a sign of weakness – it is a sign of internal and external strength to show that you’re trying to become a better version of yourself.

Visit our website today to book a call with our expert team to help you find the most suited rehab centre in Blackpool for you!


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