Are you or a loved one suffering from addiction within the Norwich area? Here we go into detail about the different types of addiction, various treatments available and how you can benefit from treatment for addiction.

Drug & Alcohol Rehab Norwich

When attempting to tackle an addiction to any form of drug or alcoholic substance, the most difficult part of the recovery process can be finding the correct support systems and having them in place when trying to conquer your addiction.

The first step in fighting addiction is admitting that you do have a problem in the first place when it comes to taking a certain substance or medication.

All of these conditions can be devastating to the life of an individual and the people around them that care, this is why addictions of all kinds are so dangerous and should be taken with the utmost seriousness.

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What Is An Alcohol Addiction?

The term alcohol addiction is used to refer to the physical dependence that a person has upon intaking alcohol through various methods, typically drinking.

An alcoholic may not realise that they have an addiction to drinking which is why it can be very dangerous for you to confront someone with this type of addiction.

Many alcoholics are unaware of their misuse of the substance because of the very passive approach that the general public, specifically in the UK, has towards the intake of alcohol.

The threshold for people to be concerned about their friends or family about their consumption of alcohol is much higher here than in most other countries around the world which is a massive cause for concern.

This worrying attitude has led to around 602, 391 people in 2021 becoming dependent upon drinking alcohol in their day-to-day life as they did not see their constant drinking habits as abusive.

Alcohol addictions will also tend to occur in spite of any of the negative consequences that may be happening and continue to use it as a priority over most things in their lives.

What Is a Drug Addiction?

Drug addiction is a very broad term as it encompasses many different types of illicit substances and even some prescription medications which we will discuss further.

Drugs can provide both psychological and physical dependences upon them which vary greatly in the reasoning behind the addiction as some types of drugs can be addictive through habitual processes.

There are plenty of different drug rehab and drug detox services in Norwich for your to try for a plethora of different conditions in which the staff will be warm and welcoming in order to remove any stress that you may have and make you feel like you can trust them.

Cannabis Addiction Norwich

Cannabis is the most used drug across all regions of the UK due to the falsification that it cannot be addictive to a person – however, research shows that this simply is not the case!

Cannabis is a class B that affected 31.2% of people in England and Wales in 2021 aged between 16-59 who had confessed to using the drug in the past year.

Coupling this statistic with the thought that 10% of regular cannabis users become dependent on it in such a way as to make it an issue in their everyday lives.

If you have any concerns or worries that you or a loved one are in danger of a cannabis use disorder or if you already have one, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team and we will get you in touch with the perfect rehab centre.

Cocaine Addiction Norwich

Powdered cocaine is the second most used drug in the UK, after cannabis, but is much more physically addictive and dangerous to the user making this a serious issue.

It is a stimulant drug meaning that it has a major effect on the central nervous system and can cause people to feel a false sense of pleasure and joy when taking the substance.

This can lead to the intake of cocaine becoming necessary for people to feel any pleasure in doing everyday tasks that would normally bring them joy.

Cocaine is a Class A substance that 1.9 million people aged 18 or older have used recurrently which is a serious concern due to the serious effects it has upon the body.

If you fear that you or a loved one may be succumbing to a cocaine addiction you can call or email us and we will get you the help that you deserve.

Amphetamine Addiction Norwich

Amphetamines are another form of central nervous system stimulant that can be used in a variety of different ways, in both illicit and prescription forms.

Most types of ADHD medications are amphetamines as they aim to speed up the activity in the taker’s nervous system in order to reduce their ADHD symptoms. These medications include Adderall, Concerta and Ritalin.

However, there are also a number of different illicit forms of amphetamines that are produced and sold illegally, these being speed and meth – two of the most dangerous and addictive drugs available in the world.

If you are having some concerns about the welfare of yourself or a loved one due to amphetamine misuse, please get in touch with us to find the help that you deserve.

Heroin Addiction Norwich

Heroin is notorious for being one of the most dangerous drugs in the world and there is a great reason for this as it takes an incredibly heavy toll on the human body.

When the user has taken heroin or any opioid for that matter, it will bind to the opioid receptors in the brain and build up a tolerance for the drug forcing the user to take a higher dose the next time they wish to take the drug.

This is one of the main reasons why heroin is considered so destructive as the users are required to intake more each time they use it, causing more bodily damage and financial spending than would have been necessary.

If you are struggling with an addiction to an opioid such as heroin, contact us today and we can get you in touch with a treatment centre that can provide you with detoxification and therapy sessions whenever necessary.

Prescription Drug Addiction Norwich

Prescription drug addictions can be just as dangerous and concerning as the illicit drug addictions that we listed above.

Many people who are addicted to prescription medication are under the false impression that the fact that a doctor has prescribed this to them then they cannot become addicted and are perfectly safe from harm, however, this is not true!

Whether you are taking prescription medication for pain relief or perhaps another reason if you fear that you may be addicted to the substance, get in touch with us and we will find you a rehab centre that can help.

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Addiction Treatment in Norwich

As we stated previously, if you have gotten through the stage of admitting to yourself that you may have an addiction, you have been through one of the toughest stages of the treatment process.

There are plenty of different treatment centres based in and around the city of Norwich that can help you with any kind of addiction.

Contact us today and we will help you find the most convenient and suitable rehab centre in relation to your needs.

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