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Are you or a loved one suffering from addiction within the Poole area? Here we go into detail about the different types of addiction, various treatments available and how you can benefit from treatment for addiction.

Drug & Alcohol Rehab Poole

An addiction to drugs or alcohol can be a devastating to an individual and the people surrounding them. Furthermore these can be incredibly difficult and dangerous to try to recover from especially when done without support.

Beating an addiction can feel like an almost impossible task but there will always be people available to support you at a rehab centre in your area, assisting you throughout every step of the way.

Drug and alcohol addictions are some of the most dangerous things for a person to expereince alone making support networks imperative to your recovery process.

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What Is An Alcohol Addiction?

Alcohol dependence is a term used to describe a person’s psychological need to consistently drink alcohol no matter what they find the consequences to be.

While alcohol is not technically listed as a drug, it is one of the most used and abused substances in the whole of the UK and this is largely due to the lackadaisical view that much of the British population has towards the intake of alcohol.

Alcohol is such a mainstay in the culture of britain that it usually tends to take much more of the substance to be consumed before people notice it as a major issue than in other countries.

In the UK, alcohol is one of the leading causes of ill health and death in people aged 15-49 which is an incredibly concerning statistic considering the attitude that Brits have towards alcohol consumption.

This makes alcohol detox and alcohol rehab a necessity if you are concerned about your drinking habits or perhaps the drinking habits of a loved one.

What Is a Drug Addiction?

Drug abuse is a broad term that can include various forms of class A, B or C drugs that can vary in their addictiveness and dangerousness.

If you have come to find that you are experiencing withdrawal symptoms, it is important that you seek the help that you deserve in order to support you with your recovery through therapy sessions that will aim to resolve your addiction for good.

Cannabis Addiction Poole

Cannabis is the most common drug used in the UK currently which has led to it being one of the many focuses faced by rehab centres in Poole. The popularity of cannabis has surged in recent years along with the falsification that the drug is not addictive to the user.

While it has been found that cannabis is not physically addictive, there is still much room for this substance to be psychologically addictive in the long term meaning that users can become addicted to using the substance daily purely through the habit of doing so.

Cannabis is a class B drug meaning that, while it is not as dangerous as substances such as cocaine and heroin, it is still illegal to possess and sell to others which can lead to serious sentencing.

If you are concerned about becoming addicted to cannabis, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us and we will get you in touch with a rehabilitation centre in Poole.

Cocaine Addiction Poole

Cocaine is second to cannabis as the most used drug in the UK however cocaine is much more addictive and physically harmful to the abuser.

Cocaine is a stimulant drug meaning that it targets the central nervous system which elicits a response of false happiness and euphoria. This is one of the main causes as to why many people become addicted to cocaine as people look to experience this as often as possible.

Over time, this can cause cocaine addicts to feel a numbness towards usual everyday activities that would have usually brought them pleasure when not taking cocaine.

Due to the highly addictive nature of the drug, around 6.2% of people aged 16-24 years old have claimed to have used the powdered form of cocaine in the past 12 months.

Ketamine Addiction Poole

Ketamine is a halucenogenic drug that was initially created to be used as an anaesthetic but was later used and abused by millions of people across the world each year.

The persistent use of such a toxic and dangerous substance can lead to a multitude of different physical and mental defects over time including impaired motor functions and long-term brain damage.

This means that ketamine dependence is one of the most dangerous addictions in the world today making detox and rehab a necessity as soon as possible. If you are concerned about the habits of yourself or a loved one, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Heroin Addiction Poole

Heroin is one of the most notoriously dangerous and addictive substances in the world and has been the culprit in the deaths of many people across the globe.

Heroin is an opioid drug, otherwise known as painkilling medication, that binds to the opiate receptors in the brain leading to an eventual tolerance to be built up over time.

This means that heroin requires higher and higher doses in order to achieve the same high as they once did when first consumed. This is one of the more concerning factors in heroin misuse as it means that more of the dangerous substance is being ingested regularly.

Prescription Drug Addiction Poole

Prescription drug abuse is another of the most dangerous kinds of addiction as it can happen to any person for any kind of reason. For example, a perfectly normal person may become addicted to painkilling medications due to a serious accident that has caused them severe pain.

Many people taking prescription medications hold a very lackadaisical viewpoint on taking their medication excessively due to the fact that it was given to them by a doctor. Despite this, these drugs can still be very dangerous if taken irresponsibly.

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Addiction Treatment in Poole

Addiction treatment is one of the most important things that a person can do if they are facing the effects of a serious addiction to a dangerous substance, and there are plenty of centres in Poole for you to visit if you are in need of support.

If you would like to find out more about these centres, please contact our support team and we will be able to help you get in touch with these centres and finally get you on the road to recovery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about drug and alcohol rehab treatment in Poole? Get the answers and learn more about alcohol and drug rehab with some of our frequently asked questions:

What is the Best Type of Addiction Treatment in Poole?

There are plenty of different types of treatment for you to try out in various rehab centres in Poole including but not limited to detoxification and therapy sessions.

How much does Rehab Cost in Poole?

Prices vary depending on the type of treatment required and the duration of your treatment. You can seek rehab through the NHS but this can be a long process and we recommend going privately a finding the support you need.


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