Are you or a loved one suffering from addiction within the Birmingham area? Here we go into detail about the different types of addiction, various treatments available and how you can benefit from treatment for addiction.

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When suffering or having constant thoughts about a drug or alcohol addiction that you or a family member, friend or colleague is going through – finding immediate addiction treatment is always the right answer.

If you realise that this is occurring and you’re trying to find the next steps to reach a substance-free life – look no further. Here at Rehab Centres UK, our goal is to find you the best rehab treatment/ centre for you as quickly as possible – so you can get back to your best during recovery.

We essentially will find the most suitable drug rehab and alcohol rehab centre in Birmingham (in or near your location) with supreme addiction treatment. Read along with us to find out more about what the addiction is, the process and finding the correct drug and alcohol rehab centre for the specific substance abuse.

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What is Drug and Alcohol Addiction?

With drugs and alcohol being commonly abused in the UK, addiction can be misleading and difficult to understand (whether you have an addiction or not).

When it comes to these substances being consumed – if you feel as though you have no control over when you take the drugs or drink alcohol, there may be an underlying addiction.

Even if you fully understand the short, medium or long-term deficiencies that these substances may cause to you, yet you continue to negatively harm your mental, psychological and social capabilities for a quick ‘high’ – then there may be a problem.

It is not only drugs or alcohol that can be addictive. You can also be completely addicted to work or food – but the consequences may not be as prevalent. However, what are the different types of drug and alcohol addictions within common abuse?

Drug Addiction

Before you sign up for your treatment – it is important to understand what type of addiction you may be facing. Whether it is a mild or a severe form of substance use disorder – being sure of which one and realising the negative effects it can have on you is crucial.

No matter what drug you take, they can all be addictive in their own different ways – whether it be physically or mentally. These drugs include prescription drugs, cocaine, ketamine, heroin/ opioids and cannabis.

Ketamine Addiction Birmingham

Within today’s society, ketamine is often used in an alcohol environment (clubs, festivals and pubs). When you take ketamine via sniffing or snorting – it will begin to alter your brain’s chemical balance immediately.

Each time you continue to take the drug will only begin a slippery slope of depending on the drug. This ketamine dependence can often lead to damaging your lifestyle completely – so if you or a loved one is showing signs of this drug addiction, reach out to us today to find out more about a ketamine detox!

Heroin/ Opioid Addiction Birmingham

Similarly to ketamine, this illicit drug causes an intense ‘high’ – as it enters your brain at a fast rate. If you use this drug on a long-term basis, consistently – you will feel the need to repeatedly up your dose just to get the same feeling as you did when you first began.

This drug addiction needs to be taken seriously across the nation, as excessive consumption of this drug can lead to overdose or even death in some cases – when taken too far. Prescription opioids can also lead to the same effects if too much of the drug is consumed.

Therefore, if you’re being prescribed opioids, make sure you’re listening to your doctor and using the recommended amount provided. However, if you feel as though heroin rehab needs to be an option, contact us for support.

Cannabis Addiction Birmingham

When smoking cannabis through various methods and you’re frequently absorbing this drug – unfortunately, due to research, 30% of users will deepen their consistent use with the drug.

[i] Even if you’ve only done it a couple of times, you may feel yourself beginning to crave the feeling of the ‘high’. Constant smoking will have detrimental effects on your relationship with your family and friends – in terms of being productive.

This can also completely change your eating habits, due to the effects of the drug. If you feel as though you need drug addiction treatment for cannabis – contact us and we’ll find the perfect drug rehab centre for you today!

Prescription Drug Addiction Birmingham

Throughout the population, the false narrative is that every prescription drug is safe when prescribed by doctors. However, if the prescription drugs are taken excessively – they will be just as addictive as illicit drugs.

These prescription drugs can be as follows – sedatives, central nervous system depressants, stimulants and many more! [ii] If you either mix these substances with alcohol or other drugs – this is where it can become extremely dangerous for the body.

Alternatively, taking someone else’s prescription when you don’t know how much is the correct amount could cause major overdose issues. If you feel as though a prescription drug detox is suitable, call us immediately!

Cocaine Addiction Birmingham

The use of cocaine has risen to extortionate levels recently with it being more popular than ever among teenagers and young adults. Frequent cocaine use has a direct relation to alcohol abuse. In this case, you may need both alcohol and drug rehab to stop the ties between the two.

Cocaine completely alters the way your brain functions – changing the process between your neurotransmitters and receptors such as dopamine (a released hormone). Cocaine rehab is also an option if you feel as though that is the main problem – so get in touch to schedule this drug rehab.

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We understand this, which is why we offer free telephone addiction assessments with experienced addiction experts and case managers. If we cannot help, we can tell you where could.

What to Expect From Drug and Alcohol Rehab Birmingham

Here at Rehab Centres UK, our goal is to find the right addiction treatment for our patients. Depending on your level of addiction and rehab process preferences – drug and alcohol rehab can be slightly different.

For example, a patient may prefer inpatient residential rehab treatment rather than outpatient drug rehab and vice versa.

Although you may think that all alcohol and drug rehab centres have a dissimilar comprehensive addiction treatment programme – they all progress with similar structures. This includes your detox process, therapy sessions and secondary treatment/ aftercare program.

Drug and Alcohol Addictions Detox Birmingham

No matter the type of addiction treatment you need – your first step towards rehab treatment for alcohol addiction or drug addiction is entirely detoxing from the substance.

The only slight drawback that may or will occur is the withdrawal symptoms that you experience when coming off a certain substance after a period of abuse.

Some withdrawal symptoms can be worse than others and this is why we recommend a medically assisted detox – depending on the length and extremity of addiction. The process will be tough, but ultimately detoxing and returning to a substance-free life is essentially the main priority.

Alcohol or drug addiction detox will look at tackling the physical side of the addiction rather than any other factors, to begin with. [iii]

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Therapy Birmingham

After completing your detox process successfully – the next stage of recovery will be upon you. Drug and alcohol therapy or just a separate drug addiction treatment will take place – dealing with your psychological and behavioural tendencies of addiction.

The reasoning behind this is to rejuvenate your well-being and confidence back to where it once was before drug and alcohol addiction. Cognitive behavioural therapy is a commonly used method – along with group therapy, art therapy and many other types.

If mental health disorders seem to be apparent, private rehab may be considered – where you can trial and go through holistic therapy.

Alcohol or Drug Addiction Secondary Treatment/ Aftercare Birmingham

Lastly, once you’ve made it through both of these stages – you can attend secondary treatment/ aftercare.Alcohol rehab in Birmingham or drug rehab in Birmingham will try to make the transition from your drug-addicted life – back to your normal life as smooth-sailing as possible.

To prevent relapse, you may want to carry on with group therapy or see medical professionals every week.

Finding the Right Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centre in Birmingham

If you’re worried about your substance abuse, do not hesitate to reach out to us – as there are plenty of patients going through similar circumstances right now too.

Here at Rehab Centres UK, we will offer you free advice on where we think the best place for you to be treated correctly is – giving you a multitude of options with addiction specialists.

In essence, every story will be heard and understood and we will take the required time to find the most comprehensive addiction treatment programme for you – so you undergo the best-tailored treatment possible with our help!


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