We help those suffering with addiction find the right rehabilitation centre across the United Kingdom by having a wide network of rehabs. Learn more about how we work in this article.

Rehab Centres provide an extremely useful service to help find those struggling with addiction the right rehabilitation centre in the United Kingdom that can treat their drug addiction whether that’d be cocaine, alcohol or all other substances. Everyone deserves to find the right treatment for whatever substance abuse they are currently battling. 

We have a wide range of rehabilitation centres across the United Kingdom in our network with some of the most experienced drug rehabilitation medicial specialists and therapies in the field of drug psychology. We understand that not everyone’s journey is the same and that’s why each rehabilitation program will be tailored to you.

The first step on the road to recovery in an addict is admitting that they have a problem with a substance to the point where it’s starting to affect their physical plus mental health and their life is taking a turn for the worse. Many addicts have tried to quit before on their own but due to the addictive nature that comes with drug abuse, they have built up a tolerance where they have to take more of the drug in order to feel the same effects they once felt which then leads to a dependency where they need to take the drug in order to feel ‘normal.’

After admitting there is a problem in their life from drug addiction, they can begin taking the steps on the road to recovery.

Free Addiction Assesment

If you are worried about the severity of your addiction, it’s very important that you address the situation before it gets worse. We have a support team on hand 24 hours a day that can assess your drug addiction to see how bad it is. The reason why our support team needs to know about your addiction is to see the severity it is currently at.

Once you have spoken to our friendly staff providing the right information then we can start identifying the most appropriate rehab treatment available for you. All the calls are completely confidential and all our telephone staff is fully trained and qualified to handle any situation.

Need Help With Your Addiction?

If you are looking for rehab for your addiction, contact our 24/7 support line for help at 0808 175 7225 today.

Worried About A Loved One Or An Employee?

It can be hard to see a loved one or a close employee suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction. It can be even harder to talk to them about how their addiction is affecting them and how they’ve changed. A lot of addicts build up defensive walls around them about their addiction as when you tell them that the substance is taking over their life, they will let you know that they can quit anytime and are in complete control which is often not the case.

Ringing our support team, we can get you in touch with a specialist intervention programme. A drug or alcohol intervention allows loved ones to get across their feelings in a safe space to a loved one so that they can see how their addiction is affecting people around them and can be an effective option in getting people to admit that they have a problem with their addiction.

Finding The Best Residential Rehab Centre

Because of our extensive network of rehabilitation centres across the United Kingdom, if your addiction has become too much to handle or your loved one requires help for their addiction. With our close relationship with these rehabilitation centres we know which addictions they specialize in and what treatments are available in the clinics. 

Once we’ve got your addiction assessment, we’ll work closely with the clinic most suited to your situation so that they can begin to create a tailored treatment program to get to a sober lifestyle and be happy.

Patients that have suffered from addiction for a long period of time with drugs such as alcohol, heroin and cocaine. It can be very dangerous for them to quit on their own due to the withdrawal symptoms that come when stopping. That’s why we can put you in touch with a rehabilitation clinic that can offer a safe detox so you can flush the drugs out of your system under medical supervision.

Book Your Free Addiction Assessment

We understand this, which is why we offer free telephone addiction assessments with experienced addiction experts and case managers. If we cannot help, we can tell you where could.

Aftercare Rehabilitation

Unfortunately, addiction isn’t something that can disappear overnight. There will always be some form of addiction in a patient but through rehabilitation, they can understand the root of why they need to take the substance and learn how to suppress the urges when living a healthy improved lifestyle.

Rehabilitation focuses on aftercare as it’s essential for former addicts to sustain their sobriety.

Frequently Asked Questions

Addiction can be a crippling disease that destroys lives and relationships. If you are ready to quit, it is important to understand what rehab treatment entails. Rehabilitation can help address addiction on many levels. It includes detoxification of the body, education on addiction and recovery, understanding of triggers and relapse prevention strategies. Treatment may include individual therapy sessions, group therapy sessions, family counselling sessions or other interventions such as art or music therapy. Recovery may also involve aftercare programs such as sober living house or halfway house where the recovering addict will continue to receive support for life outside formal treatment in order to maintain sobriety.

If you feel that your loved one is struggling with addiction, the best thing you can do for them is to get them help. You may be feeling powerless and frustrated, but there are many ways to encourage someone to seek treatment. When it comes to addiction, communication is key. If your loved one refuses or ignores your attempts at conversation about their use of drugs and alcohol, they may not yet be ready or willing to take the first step towards recovery on their own. Try talking openly about what you're noticing in terms of their behaviour and how it affects you as a family member or friend.


Our trained addiction counsellors are on hand 24 hours a day.

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