We understand how important privacy is amongst people visiting our site so we always promise to look after your personal information. We’ve written this privacy policy to explain how we intend to use the data given to us by people. By providing your information and browsing Rehab Centers UK you fully consent to the process of collecting information in accordance with the terms laid out in this policy.

Our privacy policy may be changed at any time.

Collection of Personal Information

Any personal information that you enter to us will only be recorded and used in agreement with the Data Protection Act 2018.

Your personal information will only be collected, if you offer to provide it to us. We may require for different types of personal information such as your full name, email, home address and mobile & telephone number. We treat all of your information confidentiality. We only ever use the information provided to us to fulfil the request it was intended unless you give us permission to use it any other ways such as adding you to an email database. We’ll keep your personal information on our database for as long as is needed for us to fufil your request and we can delete any personal information on your request.

We will never sell the personal information you provided us to third party sellers for marketing purposes.

Collection of IP Address

An Internet Protocol Address or as it’s known for short IP address is a number that is given to your computer when you browse the world-wide web. We may collect your Internet Protocol Address to help us monitor our website and fix any problems that may arise on our server. We can use your IP address to help us identify users to gather data for statistical use which we can then use to anaylse and then improve the experience of our website based on the data received. IP’s recorded is not anyway linked to personal information.

Use Of Cookies

A lot of pages on the website use something calls ‘cookies’, you may have seen these around sites that you’ve browsed. These are small files placed on your PC’s hard drive for identification purposes. They help us identify you as a user of the site when you enter so services can be customised to suit your needs. We use cookies to help us gather stats related to the use of the website such as the amount of vists and the time that you spend on our website. A cookie is sent to your computer and then stored under an anonymous tag which helps identify your computer but it will not identify you personally or gather any information from your hard drive. You can set to receive a notification from your internet browser when you receive a cookie, you can either accept or decline whether to use it or not. If you decline to accept a cookie it can cause some sites to not work as intended or you can’t access certain services on the website.

Links To Other Websites

You will notice on our website that we have links that direct to other websites that we believe can help you. We are not responsible for any of the practices these sites undertake. We always recommend that you check the privacy policy of any of these websites. The privacy policy on this website only applies to Rehab Centers UK.

If you have any questions about our privacy policy, please reach out to our email at info@rehabcentersuk.com

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