Are you or a loved one suffering from addiction within the Wrexham area? Here we go into detail about the different types of addiction, various treatments available and how you can benefit from treatment for addiction.

Drug & Alcohol Rehab Wrexham

Drug and alcohol addictions are incredibly damaging to a person and the loved ones surrounding them making rehab and detox a necessity to anyone who is looking for help.

When attempting to conquer an addiction of any kind, the first thing that you need to have done is admit that you have a problem – when this is done you can begin to find support and stop resisting help.

Substance abuse can be an incredibly scary thing to experience and you may feel like you do not have any way to help yourself. Despite how hopeless you may feel, with the right support systems in place around you, you will come to find that you can overcome anything.


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What Is An Alcohol Addiction?

Alcohol addiction refers to a person’s dependence upon drinking alcohol no matter the consequences that they find when doing so.

There is a slight difference between the phrase “alcohol addiction” and “alcohol dependence” as the term “addiction” is often used when discussing the psychological addiction to drinking alcohol whereas “dependence” usually refers to the physical need to keep taking it.

In the UK, there has been a great reluctance to talk about alcohol addiction for many years now and it has taken its toll on the general public.

People in the UK tend to have a much higher tolerance towards alcohol, in terms of attitude, in that it takes much more alcohol to be consumed before people begin to notice a potential drinking problem.

As a result, roughly 602, 391 people in 2021 had become addicted to alcohol which truly shows the extent of this and that it is an issue that we must tackle together.

Alcohol has been shown to play a significant role in the development of over 60 medical conditions rife in the UK at the moment.

What Is a Drug Addiction?

Drug addiction is an incredibly broad term that encompasses a number of substances each of which can affect the body in completely different ways.

These can be separated into their own classifications being Class A, B and C based on their addictiveness and how dangerous they may be to the user.

This makes it incredibly important to understand the specific substance addiction that you have as the effects could be drastically different to someone else depending on the drug you are taking.

Cannabis Addiction Wrexham

Cannabis has been the most used drug in the UK for many years now and there are a few reasons for this that could be giving people potentially the wrong impression about the drug.

In the UK, it is said very often that cannabis is not an addictive substance, therefore you should not worry about your use of it because it is not possible to become addicted – however, this is simply not the case!

While most studies have shown that cannabis may not be physically addictive, there have been just as many studies that have shown that cannabis can, in fact, be psychologically addictive to the user.

This means that they may not feel physically compelled to continue taking the drug, but they still do out of habit or as it is in their daily routine.

This has been the root of a major problem with the UK public and its cannabis usage as in 2021, 31.2% of people confessed to having used the drug in the last year.


Cocaine Addiction Wrexham

Cocaine is a class A drug that is incredibly dangerous, it is the second most used drug in the UK and has become a major problem in recent years.

The effects that cocaine has on the body can be devastating to the physical and mental health of the user in that it simulates a feeling of euphoria and happiness which eventually leads to normal everyday life not bringing the user any joy without taking cocaine.

Some studies have shown that around 1.9 million people aged 18 or older have used powdered cocaine in their lifetimes, showing the extent of this issue across the country.

Amphetamine Addiction Wrexham

There are many different forms of amphetamines both illicit and prescription based that increase the activity in the brain making a person more hyperactive.

The prescription forms of this drug include compounds like Adderall, Concerta and Ritalin which are mostly used to combat the symptoms of ADHD.

Illicit forms of this drug, speed and meth, are much more dangerous. These are some of the most notoriously addictive and dangerous substances in the world.


Heroin Addiction Wrexham

Heroin is an opioid drug that is illegal in the UK due to the sheer damage that it can cause to any person who takes the substance, nevermind someone who is addicted to it.

Opioids bind to the opiate receptors in the brain which makes the body develop a tolerance towards them.

This creates many problems for a person as it means that in order for an addict to experience the same high, they will be required to buy and take more of the substance each time.


Prescription Drug Addiction Wrexham

While most of the drugs listed above are illicit and dangerous, it is just as easy for a person to become addicted to any form of prescription drug too.

Many people seem to believe that when they are given a certain drug by their doctor that this negates the issue of drug misuse, however this is not the case as these substances are still incredibly addictive.

It can be very easy for anyone to become addicted to a prescription drug no matter if these are painkillers or prescription stimulants so it should not be treated lightly.


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Addiction Treatment in Wrexham

In Wrexham, there are many different places that you can visit in order to get support for an addiction. Whether you would prefer a traditional rehab process or maybe you would like to undergo a detox there will always be a way for you to get exactly what you need.

If you are looking for a rehab centre in your area, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team to find the perfect placement for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about drug and alcohol rehab treatment in Wrexham? Get the answers and learn more about alcohol and drug rehab with some of our frequently asked questions:

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Prices vary depending on the type of treatment required and the duration of your treatment. You can seek rehab through the NHS but this can be a long process and we recommend going privately a finding the support you need.


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