Are you or a loved one suffering from addiction within the Nottingham area? Here we go into detail about the different types of addiction, various treatments available and how you can benefit from treatment for addiction.

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Before aimlessly trying to solve a drug and alcohol addiction problem (although it may be necessary) – you must make sure that you’re aware of everything to do with addictive substances and the process you’ll go through to succeed.

On the flip side, you may be completely unaware of this drug or alcohol problem, or put off the fact that you require these substances consistently. If either of these scenarios is the case, there is no need to feel ashamed as millions go through this in their lifetime.

Feeling alone is not what we here at Rehab Centres UK promote. We feel that every individual patient suffering from mental health problems, alcohol addiction or drug addiction should be treated with the most extensive and professional care.

Although this won’t be an easy journey, this addiction treatment programme could be the reason you begin to live a substance-free life again.

Keep reading along with us to learn more about drug and alcohol rehab in the East Midlands and how we can find the correct rehab clinic in Nottingham for you, today!

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All the Types of Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Taking alcohol or drug addiction seriously is paramount. However, sometimes it may be difficult to know where to begin. This typically comes from not knowing enough about the substance itself (what is or isn’t drug or alcohol abuse and/or the effects of each substance).

The research we’ve partaken in for decades has allowed us to find rehab centres for a plethora of people – allowing them to be treated every day. Here are the main substances you will see abused before attending drug and alcohol rehab:

Alcohol Addiction Nottingham

Potent drug addiction is one thing, but alcohol addiction is something slightly different in the industry of drug and alcohol rehab. Alcohol is not classed as a drug like all the other classifications on this list, yet, it doesn’t mean to say that it can’t be a dangerous substance.

Due to alcohol being a regularly consumed beverage and openly consumed in large amounts in the UK, many people believe that there is no problem. However, there is an alcohol problem in the UK.

Alcohol abuse is damaging to your long-term health, and if you’re drinking it consistently and struggle to control your alcohol use, consider alcohol rehab today in Nottingham to get help with addiction treatment.

Cannabis Addiction

With in-depth research and analytics, cannabis is shown to lead to a more consistent use within 30% of people who begin to start inhaling this drug.

When smoking this substance, this drug addiction can lead to lifestyle changes and cravings for food – ultimately decreasing the productivity of life for each user.

Even though some of you may believe cannabis isn’t a drug and should be legal, it can still become psychologically addictive and hinder many aspects of your life, as it is a habit-forming drug.

Getting a cannabis detox booked will prevent overuse of this drug – contact us to learn more about cannabis detox and to get the ball rolling on yours.

Prescription Drugs Addiction

You may be shocked to see this on our list as these drugs are prescribed by your local GP or doctor. However, there are many cases where people will become physically and psychologically dependent on their prescription and need it frequently throughout the day.

Attending prescription drug rehab will ultimately allow you to treat this addiction and make instantaneous changes!

Cocaine Addiction

During consumption, this substance’s effects will go straight to your brain, creating an energy-boosting ‘high’ immediately. If you’re taking this drug often, you will notice that the amount you take is rising rapidly and dependence increases too.

cocaine detox will prevent you from indulging in this threatening drug over time, saving you from becoming heavily reliant on this drug every day.

Ketamine Addiction

Similar to alcohol and cocaine, ketamine is often used in the party/ festival scene year-round.

This substance abuse however will act as a pain relief substance and have a more relaxing and detached effect on your being but can be extremely harmful to your physical and psychological well-being.

Looking for ketamine rehab today? Click here to get your rehab guide scheduled as quickly as possible!

Heroin/ Opioid Addiction

This illicit and addictive drug addiction can often rise to an extremely dangerous amount of heroin/ opioids being ingested at one time. Some users who become dependent on this drug will experience irreversible traits and even death in some cases.

If you find yourself using heroin or opioids regularly, quickly arrange your heroin detox for the best offer of treatment in the United Kingdom.

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Rehab Nottingham: Drug and Alcohol Rehab Procedure

Successful drug and alcohol rehab addiction treatment programs are what drive us to keep working and finding new addicts that need help.

Whether it be short or long-term recovery, as long as the patient comes out a happy person and lives a substance-free life from now on makes our work worth it. Often, every patient – if it’s a single or dual diagnosis, will face similar processes all around the country.

These proven methods have supported and saved millions of lives, so carry on reading to learn about the Nottingham rehab treatment centre procedure to cure addiction.

Rehab Nottingham Stage 1: Detoxification

In stage 1, whether this is inpatient rehab treatment (in a rehab centre or outpatient rehab treatment (at home), you will begin a medically assisted detox – entailing physical detachment from the drugs or alcohol.

During this process, you may experience extreme withdrawal symptoms – depending on what drug you take/ how much you take and rely on the drug.This smart recovery stage allows patients to experience life without the drug or alcohol and ultimately leads them on to the next stage.

Rehab Nottingham Stage 2: Therapy Sessions

Depending on how long it takes you to live free from the drug or alcohol will lead you to the next stage of drug and alcohol rehab. Therapy sessions will range from cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), private therapy and support group therapy.

Your liking will impact your tailored residential or at-home drug and alcohol rehab programme. For example, if cognitive behavioural therapy is most effective, you will continue on this path until your mental health (if you have disorders), confidence and well-being are back on track.

Rehab Nottingham Stage 3: Secondary Treatment/ Aftercare Plan

Upon completion of the previous two stages, you will have completed your time in Nottingham rehab. This doesn’t mean however that you have to leave the rehab community.

Often, if a patient enjoys their therapy, they can stay until they feel confident enough to manage their previous addiction on their own – or attend outpatient services throughout their recovery journey.

Finding You a Tailored Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centre in Nottingham

Alcohol and drug rehab should not be challenging to find in your quest to courageously fight against your addiction. This is why Rehab Centres UK have managed to get in contact with all of your local rehab clinics and organisations, ensuring that it is easy to find rehab services near you.

Now, your search for rehab will entail visiting our website and calling us. From here, we will find the most suitable rehab centre near you, which will supply you with detailed programs to heal yourself using the processes above.

Feeling afraid or embarrassed is normal, but getting treated is essential and will ultimately determine your quality of life. Choose correctly today by calling us on our helpline and we’ll be more than happy to listen and provide you with a solution to treat your addiction productively!


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