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Are you or a loved one suffering from addiction within the Sheffield area? Here we go into detail about the different types of addiction, various treatments available and how you can benefit from treatment for addiction.

Rehab Sheffield

There are residential rehab clinics in Sheffield that are there to offer the right care and support to help anyone suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction.

Learning about drug and alcohol addiction can help you understand addiction better and therefore nudge you in the right direction for getting the right help.

If you are needing help in Sheffield then you are not alone. Requiring some help with substance abuse is nothing to be ashamed of and with the right help, support and the right alcohol and drug addiction treatment centres, you can help yourself become clean from any drug and alcohol misuse.

Some common addictive substances can include alcohol, cocaine, cannabis, heroin, prescription drugs – and any other kind of drug that can be misused and then become addicted to.

Becoming addicted to substances such as these can be extremely dangerous and can not only harm you and your physical and mental health but can also damage the people around you.

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If you are looking for rehab for your addiction, contact our 24/7 support line for help at 0808 175 7225 today.

Different Types Of Drug Or Alcohol Addiction

Drug or alcohol abuse can come in many different types of addiction in more detail so you can understand the different types and what they look like.

Rehab Centres UK are here for you, so read on to find out more about drug and alcohol abuse. Addiction can come in many different forms, including in the form of many different drugs, from prescription drugs to class A’s and the addiction to alcohol too.

Addiction can cause physical dependence on a substance which can negatively affect your life in a number of ways.

Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction can have devastating effects on someone’s life, issues with alcohol are recognised as mental and physical illnesses, that are characterised by the urge or need to drink alcohol despite the negative consequences.

It is estimated that there are over 600,000 dependent drinkers in England alone and sadly only 18% of those receive addiction treatment care. [i]

If someone suffers from alcoholism for a long time then their body will be accustomed to it and so if removed can cause the body to go into shock.

If you or someone you know is reliant on the use of alcohol and requires help do not hesitate to get in touch with us today.

Cannabis Addiction Sheffield

Cannabis is the most popular drug in the UK and the one people are most addicted to, in fact, 30% of people who use cannabis will find addiction to it.

Cannabis gives users a short-term ‘high’ whilst long-term usage can cause issues to relationships, lifestyle and health.

You are not alone if you think you may be addicted to cannabis, so give our centre a call if you think you need some help and we will always be happy to assist you.

Cocaine Addiction Sheffield

Cocaine is one of the most popular and commonly used drugs in the UK. Cocaine is a class A drug that alters the brain by causing a boost of energy, dopamine is released in the brain and makes users feel good, confident and alert.

Frequent and heavy users of cocaine can lead to cocaine dependency and addiction. People who struggle to feel energised and happy often rely on cocaine as the solution.

If you are seeking help in Sheffield for yourself or someone you suspect to have a cocaine problem, then feel free to contact us today so we can put you in touch with an alcohol and drug rehab facility, it could save your own or someone else’s physical and mental health.

Ketamine Addiction Sheffield

Ketamine is a dissociative anaesthetic drug, it is used in the medical and veterinary fields although throughout the UK party scene, often by young adults.

Frequent use of Ketamine can lead to developing a psychological dependency and this can be tough to break.

Ketamine is illegal for recreational use and if you need help with your Ketamine usage, then let us find the right ketamine rehab in Sheffield for you.

Opioids And Heroin Addiction Sheffield

Heroin is an illicit drug that affects the brain quickly causing it to experience an exceedingly intense and fast high.

Taking heroin or opioids in excess and/or long-term can be extremely dangerous. Like with most drugs a tolerance is developed after repeated usage, but users often want to experience that same intense high from their first experiences of heroin which they will often not achieve.

This causes users to chase the high by consuming more and more and will begin to feel the lack of its effectiveness until it becomes the norm.

Over abuse of heroin and opioids can lead to serious health complications and even death, contact us today so we can find the appropriate heroin rehab therapy centre for you in Sheffield so you can start your recovery journey today.

Prescription Drug Addiction Sheffield

Prescription drugs can be just as addictive as alcohol and illegal drugs, although it is prescribed legally does it mean that they can’t be addictive.

The main types of prescription drugs that can lead to addiction are sedatives, opiates, stimulants, antipsychotic medications, antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications.

The risk of becoming addicted to prescription drugs is increased if you abuse your prescription, mix your prescription with other illegal drugs or alcohol or by taking someones else prescription drugs that have not been prescribed to you.

Do get in touch with us at Rehab Centres UK if you require our help in finding you the right support and the right drug rehab.

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We understand this, which is why we offer free telephone addiction assessments with experienced addiction experts and case managers. If we cannot help, we can tell you where could.

What To Expect From Drug And Alcohol Rehab

If you’re looking for drug and alocohol rehab in Sheffield, to help with the daunting aspect of rehab treatment programmes – we have put together more information about what the drug and alcohol rehab process entails. This is to show you what you can expect to go through – overall the addiction treatment guidelines will remain similar throughout different treatment centres.


You will first go through detox on your drug or alcohol rehab journey. This means detoxing from whatever substance it is that you are addicted to and eliminating it from the body, the time this takes will vary from person to person.

Detoxing from certain drugs can have nasty and severe withdrawal symptoms, in such cases it can be necessary to be medically supervised at all times due to the dangerous nature of intense withdrawals, which can be unbearable at some points.

It is always best to have the caring support of a professional to help you through some of the hardest withdrawal moments – with the right help through rehab Sheffield can help you redraw from any drug.


After the detox from the drugs or alcohol from the body, you will be able to progress to the next stage of the rehab process.

The next stage involves dealing with the psychological and the behavioural aspects of addiction working on self-belief and confidence issues in yourself along with your mental health disorders.

A range of long term recovery and therapies will be offered by addiction specialists, this can include group therapy, one-to-one therapy, holistic therapies involving things such as art or sport, or cognitive behaviour therapy too.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Cognitive behavioural therapy often abbreviated to CBT is a popular form of therapy in rehab allowing one to deal with their mental health issues, thoughts and feelings in a much more structured way, aimed at breaking the negative patterns of behaviour, thoughts, actions and feelings.

Do bear in mind that not all therapies are available in free addiction treatment services and some might only be available in a private rehab centre whereas public addiction treatment centres may have limited types of therapies available.


Our trained addiction counsellors are on hand 24 hours a day.

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