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Suffering from alcohol addiction or know a loved one who is? Here we go into detail about alcohol addiction, various treatments available for you and how you can benefit from going to treatment for your addiction.

What Is Alcohol Addiction?

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Alcohol addiction is often known as one of the hardest addictions to break free from due to the fact how normalised alcohol is in today’s society and there is a massive amount of encouragement to drink alcohol through advertisements due to it being legal to purchase. Attempting to detox alcohol from your system can be an incredibly difficult task as alcohol addiction is a strong, uncontrollable desire to consume alcohol.

The more the body is accustomed to consuming alcohol on a daily basis, the more you will need to drink to start feeling the effects. Alcoholism affects many people around the United Kingdom but it is often not talked about enough or not as understood as other addictions. A lot of these people would benefit from undergoing rehabilitation but can’t build up the courage to reach out for help.

One big sign that someone is suffering from alcoholism is that they will put all their effort into drinking alcohol and prioritise alcohol consumption above everything else including their friends, family and work. Drinking habits can build up quickly and can start to take over your life such as hiding how much alcohol you need to drink around people or spending all your money on getting alcohol till you have no money left. 

Many people drink as a coping mechanism for events in their life. People dealing with depression can often have an alcohol addiction as they are drinking to suppress how they feel or memories they don’t want to relive. Many alcohol addicts will claim that they can quit at any time and that they just enjoy drinking or they will begin to become defensive when someone mentions the amount they are consuming.

That doesn’t mean that the signs of alcohol abuse don’t exist.

Signs Of Alcohol Addiction

Starting to recognise the warning signs of alcohol addiction can help people gain control of their lives back or start getting help for a loved one that you may suspect has alcoholism.

Some of the most common signs & symptoms of alcohol addiction that we see are:

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Withdrawal Symptoms From Alcoholism

When someone has drunk alcohol frequently over a long period of time, their body has been accustomed to it in the bloodstream, if removed it can cause a signal in the body that something is wrong.

This reaction is known as ‘withdrawal’ it’s the body’s way of signalling that something is wrong and having to adjust to the sudden drop in substance inside the blood. It can cause the person to become very unwell and in some extreme cases have been fatal as it can cause seizures. Some common symptoms you may suffer from when trying to withdraw from consuming alcohol will be shaking, panic attacks, heavy sweating and vomiting.

If you are looking to detox from alcohol it’s best to seek out medical advice from a professional first. People will need to take different approaches as some suffer more withdrawal symptoms depending on how much alcohol they’ve consumed daily over time creating a strong dependency, so a medical professional will be able to advise the best measures on moving forward for you to detox.

Contacting a rehabilitation centre will be able to access your current condition with alcoholism and then provide you with the medical assistance needed in order to get you sober without potentially harming you.

Options Treatment For Alcohol Addiction

There are many rehabilitation treatment options available to help you overcome alcohol addiction. It’s important to start the road to recovery now in order to live the life that you dreamed of. 

A massive amount of alcohol consumed on a regular basis can put a big strain on your physical and mental health. By starting alcohol rehab, you will be able to overtime stop drinking and find the root of your addiction through therapy sessions and counselling that can help you talk and discover more about yourself.

You will get medical and physical help in rehab each step of your journey so that you aren’t taking the path to recovery by yourself as it’s a long road that requires a lot of willpower and self-discipline to achieve sobriety but it will be worth it to get yourself back to the healthiest version of yourself.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about alcohol addiction rehab treatment programs? Get the answers and learn more about rehab with these frequently asked questions.

Rehabilitation programs can help you recover from addiction. The goal of any rehabilitation program is to provide a safe and controlled environment where people with an addiction can heal the physical, mental, social, and spiritual aspects of themselves. They do this by providing medical care for the individual's substance use disorder, as well as counselling and other support services that are tailored to each person's needs.

Alcohol addiction is a serious condition that can have many severe consequences. Rehabilitation programmes are designed to help people overcome their addiction and lead more fulfilling lives. The length of time it will take for rehabilitation to treat your alcohol addiction depends on a number of factors, including the severity of your addiction and the amount you drink each day. The staff at rehab centres will discuss these factors with you during your assessment so they can come up with an individual treatment plan that's right for you.


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