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Suffering from a ketamine addiction or know a loved one who is? Here we go into detail about ketamine rehab and the various treatments available for you and how you can benefit from going to treatment for your ketamine addiction.

Many patients that are referred to rehabilitation centres with a ketamine addiction began taking the substance in social settings such as dance events and nightclubs. Due to the strong addictive nature of the drug they can be quickly sucked into taking the drug more and more till they build up a dependency on the drug to function day by day. A strong addiction such as Ketamine can be hard to beat by yourself and will require the help of specialists inside a rehabilitation centre.

After using ketamine frequently, you’ll start to feel you aren’t getting the same ‘highs’ you once had with the drug so will up to higher doses to start getting the effects you once felt. This is called tolerance.

Once you’ve built up a tolerance and dependency on ketamine, if you decide to withdraw the substance from your everyday life you can start to see painful withdrawal symptoms emerge causing addicts to relapse to ease the pain of the symptoms. Through rehab, support teams can help you through this difficult journey.

Cause Of Ketamine Addiction

Ketamine has an effect when taken to ‘distort’ the user’s perception of reality going on around them. It has been known to cause a ‘separation’ between the user and their body such as a dreamlike state. When used in lower doses ketamine can cause relaxation but when taken in higher doses users will find themselves in ‘ket-holes’ where they are completely dissociated from life and their surroundings which can be very dangerous.

Due to these effects, people that are addicted to ketamine usually take the substance because they are suffering from depression or anxiety so they are trying to escape from reality which means ketamine is often labelled a ‘psychological drug’ instead of a physical one.

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What Are The Most Signs Of A Ketamine Addiction?

Like most drugs, there is a massive range of symptoms a user can have and some being unique to the individual. You must also remember reasons such as how much ketamine they are consuming on a daily basis, the length of time they’ve been using and even underlying health problems they suffered from before their ketamine addiction.

However, there are a lot of common signs that patients show when dealing with a ketamine addiction, seeing these signs early and checking yourself into a rehabilitation centre can end up saving you or your loved ones’ life.

These common signs are –

What Does A Ketamine Rehab Treatment Consist Of?

Once we’ve put you in touch with a rehabilitation centre tailored to your ketamine addiction, you will take an assessment with the rehabilitation specialists to get more of a background of your addiction, personal life and current state of your health. The reason why rehab staff need these assessments is so thxey can get a better understanding of where you are currently at and then undertake a tailored plan based on these results so they can start treating your ketamine addiction.

After the assessment, you will start a ketamine detox which is getting rid of all the ketamine inside your body through medical supervision inside the rehab centre. The timeline is different depending on certain factors but after you finish your detox you can begin therapy.

Patients will undergo different types of therapy at the rehabilitation centre whether it’d be CBT, MET or group counselling. The reason for this is that a lot of people are addicted to drugs due to mental health problems which makes them feel that they need to take drugs to feel normal. Therapy helps patients talk through their problems and gets to the root of why they crave ketamine. Understanding yourself better and your condition means you can gain more knowledge in fighting the addiction for a better chance of not relapsing when you re-enter the real world.

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We understand this, which is why we offer free telephone addiction assessments with experienced addiction experts and case managers. If we cannot help, we can tell you where could.

Seek Help For Your Ketamine Addiction

Without reaching out to specialists help inside rehab centres, your ketamine addiction can grow worse over time leading to serious problems with your physical health and mental wellbeing. Ketamine addiction can also be a gateway for you to start misusing other hard substances such as heroin. That’s why it’s recommended you seek out professional help before it’s too late.

Ketamine addiction is treatable and it is possible for you to make a recovery through hard work and determination. You don’t have to do it alone as we can help put you in contact with a specialist rehabilitation centre that can begin treatment for your ketamine addiction. Take the first big step to a happy and healthier life through rehab.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about ketamine rehab treatment programs? Get the answers and learn more about rehab with these frequently asked questions.

Will Rehab Treatment Work To Treat My Ketamine Addiction?

The question is whether rehabilitation will work to treat your Ketamine addiction. The answer is yes, but it won’t be easy. Drug addiction is a lot more than just a physical dependence on drugs. It’s also an emotional and mental reliance that can be tough to break free from. Rehabilitation involves much more than just detoxing from the drug of choice – it requires a complete change in lifestyle and perspective on life as well as long-term counselling for coping with cravings and withdrawal symptoms, which can last up to six months or even longer after completing rehab treatment

How Long Will I Be In Rehab To Treat My Ketamine Addiction?

The answer to this question depends on the severity of your addiction. A typical stay at a rehabilitation centre is around three months, but it could take up to a year or more depending on how often you used ketamine and the intensity of your addiction.


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