Suffering from ketamine addiction or know a loved one who is? Here we go into detail about ketamine detox and various treatments available for you and how you can benefit from going to detox treatment for your ketamine addiction.

Ketamine is a highly addictive dissociative substance. A dissociative is a drug substance that detaches you from reality which is why people often take ketamine when they are feeling depressed and low in order to get away from normal life. When taken in smaller amounts, ketamine can give users relaxation and feel like they are in a dreamland sort of state. Upping the dose to a higher amount users will place themselves labelled in the street as a ‘k-hole’ you can feel you aren’t a part of your body and have hallucinations such as objects looking much smaller than normal.

Taking ketamine in higher doses will mean you are more likely to suffer from a ketamine overdose which can be fatal due to ketamine can affect your breathing and lead you to become fully unconscious. If you feel that ketamine is starting to take over your life and leading to serious physical problems and hurting your mental state, it will be time to start looking into finding a rehabilitation centre that can detox ketamine from your body in a safe manner.

Ketamine Withdrawal Symptoms In Detox

Like most drug substances, if you have misused ketamine daily after time your body will start to build a tolerance and will require taking a higher amount in order to feel the effects of ketamine you once had before. 

Continuing to take ketamine daily in higher amounts, you will build a dependency on the drug that you need to consume in order to start feeling ‘normal’ and so you can get by day by day. 

When you start withdrawing your ketamine from your system, you can start beginning to get withdrawal symptoms which can begin just 24 hours after your last ‘hit.’ These withdrawal symptoms include –

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What Can You Expect In A Ketamine Detox?

When undertaking a ketamine detox inside a rehabilitation centre, you will be medically supervised on a 24-hour basis by trained specialists as some severe withdrawal symptoms that come with ketamine can lead to fatal injuries.

The first signs of withdrawal symptoms will start around 12-24 hours after the last ‘hit’ of ketamine and can last around 3-4 days depending on certain factors. Craving and withdrawals will be at their most prominent on the 2nd to 4th day. 

Certain withdrawal symptoms will continue and can last up to 2 weeks depending on the severity of your ketamine addiction and will start to decline in severity over time. Rehab specialist staff will always be on hand to help you through these withdrawals and you can ask them for help if you are in pain during the detox.

Why Is A Medically Supervised Ketamine Detox Important?

Doing a ketamine detox by yourself, there is a higher chance risk of injury and there is also a higher chance that you will relapse so medical supervised detox inside a ketamine rehabilitation centre is recommended to wean your way off ketamine.

When stopping ketamine, you will experience the withdrawal symptoms we spoke about earlier before. Since your body suffers from a dependency on ketamine, a medical professional will be the only person who will know how to medically manage your body through these tough times. 

Not only is it important to be medically supervised for your physical health but a mental withdrawal symptom that comes with not taking ketamine is severe depression which leads to suicidal thoughts. Inside a rehabilitation centre during your detox, you will have access to support from specialist staff through skills training and different types of therapy.

Ketamine addiction is hard enough, don’t do it alone. A medically supervised ketamine detox will mean you to be surrounded by well-needed support when you start feeling like you are walking down the road alone.

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How To Get Ketamine Detox

Detox is one of the first steps on the road to recovery. We can help you find a rehabilitation plan tailored to you in a rehab centre across the United Kingdom that can get you a medically supervised detox for your heroin addiction.

Due to serious withdrawal symptoms that can last for several weeks is why we recommend that you be treated in the right rehabilitation centre that can offer a safe space to detox you and give support when you are at your most vulnerable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about ketamine detox treatment programs? Get the answers and learn more about detox with these frequently asked questions.

The effects of Ketamine can be significantly reduced by following a detox programme. Detoxing is the process of removing toxins from the body, which in this case would be the Ketamine. This can help to reduce some symptoms associated with ketamine use and addiction, such as cravings and withdrawal symptoms. It's not uncommon for people to experience many unpleasant side effects when quitting ketamine abuse, so it's important that you seek professional support during your detoxification process if you want to give yourself the best chance at recovery.

Your addiction treatment specialist can help you through your detox process by providing counselling and support. You will not need any drugs to get through this - just patience and determination.


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