Suffering from cocaine addiction or know a loved one who is? Here we go into detail about a cocaine detox and various treatments available for you and how you can benefit from going to treatment for your cocaine addiction.

Cocaine detox is the stage of letting cocaine leave your system completely. Due to addictive chemicals previously produced when taking misusing cocaine on a daily basis, it is going to be a hard road getting your body and mind back to their best during your cocaine detox and withdrawals but it’s doable. Cocaine withdrawal and detox can be a complex time but it is only temporary and an important step on the road to recovery. 

Through hard work, determination and support from those around you including the rehabilitation centre staff you can move past the cravings in the detox stage. 

Cocaine is an extremely addictive substance which can have a massive effect on your physical health but one of the most serious effects of cocaine addiction is the psychological. Cocaine is a very strong drug and due to the strength it can change and even destory the structures inside your brain.

The reason why many cocaine addicts crave the substance is due to the release of dopamine inside the brain. This can be seriously harmful in the long-term for people’s mental health and can lead to mental disorders such as strong paranoia and psychosis.

What Can You Experience In A Cocaine Detox?

Your brain when misusing cocaine on a daily basis will begin relying heavily on producing certain chemicals that come with taking cocaine such as serotonin. During a cocaine detox, your body will need a ‘full reset’ and adjust so it can start to begin naturally producing these chemicals again.

Here are some of the most common symptoms that patients may experience when doing a cocaine detox:

  • Lack of sleep. (Insomnia)
  • Feel anxiety.
  • Severe mood swings.
  • Depression.
  • Headaches.
  • Tiredness.

These symptoms will reappear several times during the cocaine detox process so be prepared to face these symptoms head-on.

Cocaine Detox Process

We’ve put together a guideline in how a detox normally looks for patients, this is through day one all the way to week ten. Not all timelines will be like this depending on your cocaine addiction severity.

1 - 3 Hours From Last Use

Cocaine has a short-lived effect meaning you can start to feel some withdrawal symptoms after the last use in the first couple of hours, these symptoms are areas we spoke about before are anxiety, headaches, irritability and fatigue.

3 - 5 Days

This has been commonly known as the most physical time during cocaine detox but if you stay strong and manage these short few testing days you can be on your way to recovery. Through detoxing, you will be drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated.

The symptoms you will feel are strong cravings, shakes, vomiting, insomnia and depression. Your rehabilitation support team will be able to get you through these tough times and you can always raise any concerns with them.

1 - 2 Weeks

This is a physically less demanding stage of the detox or it can be mentally draining. This is when it’s important to be getting well-needed support through the rehabilitation staff & your loved ones as you can get strong feelings of wanting to relapse and consume cocaine. This is the last phase of a cocaine detox before you can start to heal your mind & body.

Symptoms may include a massive lack of motivation, occasional cocaine cravings, lack of pleasure in activities and may feel extremely tired.

5 - 10 Weeks

Withdrawal symptoms will begin not to surface as your body and mind heal from cocaine use. You may some cocaine cravings during the time and common anxiety can show but once you have completed the withdrawal phase you can begin moving on with your life.

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Where To Get Cocaine Detox

Getting professional treatment from medically trained staff is important when going through cocaine detox. We work closely with various cocaine rehabilitation centres across the United Kingdom that can help you get the need that you need to treat your cocaine addiction.

Doing a cocaine detox is just one of the first steps on the long road to recovery, rehabilitation centres will be able to perform a detox and then use several forms of psychological therapy in order to delve deeper into the root of your cocaine addiction.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about cocaine detox treatment programs? Get the answers and learn more about detox with these frequently asked questions.

Detoxing is an important part of recovering from cocaine addiction because it helps your body to flush out the toxins that are left over from using cocaine. Cocaine can be very addictive and even though you may want to stop, you can't if your body is still full of cocaine. Detoxing will help you recover faster, so that you can start your recovery process and begin rebuilding your life.

A detox is a way to get your body back to normal after the effects of drugs. Detoxing from cocaine may take days, weeks or months depending on the severity of your addiction and other factors. You can do a detox in rehab for your cocaine addiction.


The first step is to stop using cocaine and then focus on getting clean with the help of medical professionals. A detox programme in rehab will help you to break down any physical dependencies that have developed as well as address any psychological needs you might have. Cocaine addicts often find it hard to go through withdrawal alone, which is why they need professional help during this process.


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