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drug & alcohol rehab treatment for football players and fans

Drug and alcohol addiction can arise anywhere. Addiction can hit anyone whether you are from a working-class background, middle-class or higher-class and this has been shown in the world of Football. Representing many backgrounds, people who are fans of football teams who travel around the country to watch the footballers on the pitch can suffer from battling drug addiction. There has been a rise in people suffering from addiction which translates over to football fans & players with the need for rehabilitation specialists being a massive concern. 

It is not just limited to alcohol and drugs that are associated with the party life and matchday but athletes such as football players can become addicted to performance-enhancing drugs when taken over a period can damage their physical and mental health. Many football fans & players are very proud individuals who may be scared to speak up about their addiction due to the stigma around it and don’t want to be seen as a ‘lesser’ individual by colleagues and friends. Still, it is worse to suffer in silence and not speak up.

Doing a quick Google search you may find many treatment options available that can help you in the battle against addiction but knowing where to take the first step can be extremely difficult our trained addiction counsellors are on hand to help guide you through the process and give you expert advice to put you in touch with the right rehabilitation programme based on your situation.

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Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment For Football Players

Due to the extreme popularity and wealth that footballers have in their careers, they are at a high risk of addiction, especially with easy access and free time after training during the day. A big reason that they are at risk of addiction is sometimes the pressure can feel too much that they need to succeed so find substances as a way to take the ‘edge’ but later find themselves taking the drug more and more to the point that they develop a tolerance and a full-blown addiction.

Footballers are some of the most high-profile people in the world with them being in the limelight on television, on social media and in the newspaper. There are held to the highest standard of being role models to children and heroes to lifelong fans, in their eyes they can’t possibly do anything wrong. However, we must not forget that they are everyday people like you and me and are still prone to addiction. 

The main worry in the football industry is a ‘scandal’ story appearing online or word getting around that you are struggling with addiction. It is key that as a football player you are getting strictly confidential help from an addiction support team, finding the right rehabilitation programme can seem hard especially when there are so many options appearing online when searching but our expert support team will be able to offer you complete anonymous support for your addiction and put you in touch with a rehab centre tailored to you.

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Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment For Football Fans

Just as football players, football fans can also suffer from the vices of addiction whether that’d be drugs or alcohol. Due to the rise of drug use at football games, they are now cracking down by banning any fans that are caught taking drugs in the stadium for five years. The culture of football matches is very drink oriented and people will most likely meet up in places such as pubs and stadium concourses where they have access to alcohol which can often lead to people abusing substances.

Football fans may find that they enjoy a drink while watching the match with their friends but it can often spiral into needing to have a drink during the week more regularly which can lead to tolerance then into a full-blown dependency where they need to consume alcohol or take a certain substance in order to feel normal.

It can be the hardest step to admitting that you are suffering from alcohol & drug addiction, especially in the ‘hard-faced’ culture in football where people are often too scared to speak up as they feel people will think they are ‘weak’ but we are in a time that is a lot more accepting compared to ’80s and ’90s with talk & mental health groups being advertised regularly through shirt sponsors (Rangers were seen supporting Team Talk, a mental health charity in their Europa League final against Sevilla) addiction is an illness and can hit anyone, it is best to talk up before it gets any worse for you or a loved one.

We offer those struggling with addiction or concerned friends & family members free addiction helpline with our friendly and counsellors that is strictly confidential. Our counsellors will be able to listen to your current situation and put you in touch with a rehabilitation centre across the United Kingdom who will be able to create a tailored plan to help treat your addiction through detoxification and therapy sessions.

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What Rehabilitation Treatment Options Are There?

Football fans & players may find that outpatient rehabilitation is the best option for them as outpatient rehab programmes allow people to attend therapy sessions and still follow a rehabilitation program while still doing everyday responsibilities such as work and being with their families. While it still can be a very effective form of rehabilitation, you run the risk of being in environments that may cause your triggers.

The most effective rehabilitation programme has been found to be inpatient rehabilitation which allows patients to take a break from everyday life to focus on their physical and mental health. The first step of rehabilitation is detoxing, clearing the substance from your body completely. Once that process is completed, the patient will move on to finding the root of their addiction through therapy with trained professionals. They are welcome to join support groups with other people who are going through an addiction to offer support and advice.

Rehab Centres UK can help put you on the road to recovery today, let our free addiction support line point you in the right direction today.

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