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Suffering from OxyContin addiction or know a loved one who is? Here we go into detail about OxyContin addiction, various treatments available for you and how you can benefit from going to treatment for your OxyContin addiction.

OxyContin is given to patients who struggle with severe pain from people who are afflicted with a serious terminal illness such as cancer or people who are recovering from a major injury that has required surgery and left them with trauma. The brand name OxyContin is the slow-release version of the opioid oxycodone.

Opioids are derived from the poppy plant or as it’s also known opium or synthetically created from it. They have grown to be known across the United Kingdom as ‘opiates’ but this word has been more associated with the likes of codeine, heroin and morphine which are known to be the more dangerous opiate drugs when misused. 

Oxycodone is the main ingredient in OxyContin. This ingredient when taken is gradually released through the system over a period of either 12 or 24 hours. People will be prescribed by medical professionals to take the drug several times during the day and only prescribed to people who require short-term use of the drug. It has been effective in the past in helping people suffering from terminal illnesses deal with the prolonged pain they suffer.

Patients will be given set requirements by the medical staff they acquired the drugs from and it is very unlikely that you will become addicted or dependent on the drug if you follow the instructions set by them. The reason why people become addicted to the drug is that the sense of europhia that the drug gives off can set off a trigger inside people that makes them want to consume more of the drug throughout the day.

Doctors are unlikely to prescribe you OxyContin if you have a past history of substance abuse. 

It mostly comes in range of tablet forms such as immeditable-release capsule in a numerous amount of doses.

What Makes OxyContin So Addictive?

It is a highly effective painkiller which brings on a feeling of euphoria to the person taking it and a sense of well-being. People often end up with an OxyContin addiction due to them being prescribed the drug and wanting to feel the effects regularly so start to illegally source more of the drug. 

Opioids when taken release endorphins inside your brain, these endorphins make us feel good but when these feelings of ‘undeserved’ endorphins start to wear off, you will start to feel a wave of depression and an intense craving for the drug to feel ‘normal’ again.

Taking more than your doctor prescribed you can start to build up a tolerance which requires you to take more of the drug and develop a dependency on the drug. That is why it’s crucial when you have been prescribed the drug you listen to a medical professional.

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Signs Of A Oxycontin Addiction

There are common signs that come with people suffering from an oxycontin, these signs will range from a number of people but if you are starting to suspect that you have an oxycontin addiction or know a loved one who you feel is currently taking too much of the drug, then lookout for these signs.

There are many side effects that come from abusing OxyContin aswell such as –

OxyContin Addiction Treatments

Thousands of people across the United Kingdom abuse opiates frequently and due to the legal nature of the drug, addictions such as OxyContin can be overlooked compared to someone, for example, suffering from a cocaine addiction but both areas are highly dangerous as each other. 

Suffering from OxyContin can end up being fatal if not treated soon enough, if have a few of the signs spoken about before then it is highly likely that you have an addiction to OxyContin and that you should seek medically assistant in getting treatment.

OxyContin addiction can be very intense so it is recommended that addicts undergo inpatient rehabilitation where they will be undertaking a medical detox to flush the drugs out of their system and manage through the withdrawal symptoms which normally last 7-10 but you can feel mild withdrawal symptoms later depending on the severity of the addiction.

In inpatient rehabilitation, they are away from any environments that could trigger them to take the drug and will have access to therapists where they can talk about the problems they are dealing with and create strategies on how to battle any thoughts of re-taking the drug outside of rehab.

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Frequently Asked Questions

OxyContin's addiction can be caused by a variety of factors, including mental illness and physical pain. OxyContin is a narcotic pain reliever that can cause an addiction if it is taken for too long or in high doses. The risk of getting addicted to OxyContin increases with the length of time someone takes it and the number of pills they take each day.


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