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Suffering from Norco addiction or know a loved one who is? Here we go into detail about Norco addiction, various treatments available for you and how you can benefit from going to treatment for your Norco addiction.

Norco is the name of the mix of acetaminophen and hydrocodone, the brand names which you may have heard are Xodol and Lorcet. Hydrocone helps patients deal with moderate pain or in some cases helps some people cough while acetaminophen is a mild pain reliever which raises the effects of hydrocodone. 

When taking a drug like Norco, you should only be following the guidelines set by a medical professional that you have been prescribed. Taking any higher doses or ignoring it completely can be a sign of addiction. 

It is available in both liquid and solid form and can either enter your body system through digestion or injection. Users who are injecting the liquid into their body are at a much higher risk of overdose which can be fatal. People who are addicted to Norco will crush the tablets till it has made a powder form such as cocaine and snort it. 

Injecting and snorting the drug is both dangerous but can be a gateway drug to taking more drugs such as heroin and cocaine and if you are mixing substances together, it is a major risk to your physical and mental health. If your addiction has got to this point, you should immediately reach out to rehabilitation support who can help treat you.

What Medical Use Is Norco Used For?

Norco is used to help treat pain that patients are feeling and relieve the pain they are currently experiencing. The pain it is normally used to treat is very mild to medium high pain. The reason for this is because Norco affects the way body reacts to pain due to the influence on the brains central nervous system.

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How Does Norco Addiction Happen?

The most common causes of Norco addiction are people who didn’t set out to take the drug in a malicious way and were prescribed the substance by a doctor but ended up going over the exceeded guideline causing them to crave the drug more. People who are using Norco frequently have a high chance of developing a dependency on the drug where they feel they have to take the drug every day to feel ‘normal’ or feel they can’t function without it. 

There are a few factors that always come into why a person becomes addicted whether that’d be their social circle, family background, environment and even where they currently at in life at the minute can cause people to seek out new ‘thrills.’

Signs Of Norco Addiction

There are several signs that can point towards an addiction, if you are suffering from a few of these signs below, then you may have a Norco addiction and it is best to face the problem head-on immediately and reach out to find the right support that can put you on the road to recovery.

Norco Detox

When attempting to detox Norco out of your system, it should be done in a safe environment by medical professionals who can help guide you through the process and monitor you. Most rehabilitation centres will find the best way to detox you while making sure it’s completely safe.

When a user has taken a drug such as Norco over a period of time they will have started to build a dependency where the user needs to take the drug regularly. Once they decide to remove the drug from their life, their body will suffer from withdrawal symptoms which can range from a number of things such as bad headaches, nausea, insomnia and many more. The great thing about rehabilitation centres it offers round-the-clock treatment and care for people going through withdrawal symptoms.

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Finding Treatment For Norco Addiction

Admitting that you have a drug problem is the first brave step on the road to recovery, once you’ve realised that the addiction is causing problems in your personal life and affecting your health you can begin to reach out to support.

Finding the correct treatment tailored to you is important to avoid any relapses in the future, that’s why our 24/7 specialist support team will be able to put you in contact with a rehabilitation centre that can treat your addiction.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Factors Can Cause A Norco Addiction?

The most common cause of a Norco addiction is the misuse of medication. This can be due to taking more than prescribed, or taking it without prescription from a doctor. These are the two most common causes for becoming addicted to Norco. There are other factors that may contribute in causing an addiction, such as: the environment, genetics and mental health.


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