Suffering from Demeroll addiction or know a loved one who is? Here we go into detail about Demerol addiction, various treatments available for you and how you can benefit from going to treatment for your addiction.

Demerol is the brand name of Meperidine or Pethidine. Meperidine is mostly used to help treat patients who are struggling with moderate or severe pain and it is an opioid and very similar to the opioid which is Morphine. The drug influences the brain which replaces how a person reacts to pain and how they are feeling with a more relaxed feeling. It is not recommended to be used to treat long-term ongoing pain that patients are feeling and it’s mostly used by medical professionals to treat those who are suffering from episodes of average to acute pain.

Demerol can either be taken orally or injected via a vein or muscle. You will be prescribed an accurate amount by a medical professional and it should only be taken under medical supervision. Doing it by yourself is highly dangerous and you could be at risk of a potential accidental overdose.

How Can A Demerol Addiction Happen?

An individual will develop a Demerol addiction through misusing the drug outside its exceeded prescribed guidelines on a daily basis till they become not only physically dependent on the drug but psychological as well to the point where they feel they need to take Demerol in order to function correctly.

A lot of patients will not realise they have a Demerol addiction. They will start using the drug following doctors’ orders which will lead to a tolerance where they aren’t getting the same effects from Demerol as they once got so they will up their dosage against doctors’ orders. This means it’s very likely that the user will start to build a dependency on the drug.

A physical dependency means when a user tries to withdraw themselves from the drug and stop taking it they will start getting withdrawal symptoms which can be very distressing such as bad headaches, nausea and many more. This means people who try to quit the drug will often relapse so they don’t have to feel the effects of the withdrawal symptoms.

Demerol addicts will take high dosages when using the drug on a regular basis and they will consume the drug by either chewing the tables or crushing the powder till it’s in a cocaine-like form and sniff it.

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Why Is Demerol Addictive?

People are quick to become addicted to Demerol due to its effects are very similar to strong opioids such as Morphine, it helps people deal with short-term pain and relieve it to the point where they feel relaxed which means it has a high potential for abuse.

It has been known to give users a ‘euphoric’ feeling so people will feel more inclined to use a higher dose than before so they escalate the effect of the drug. Through this people will start building up a tolerance when even higher doses will not give them the same effects as before.

Signs Of Demerol Addiction

There has been an increase of people misusing Demerol across the United Kingdom, one of the biggest reasons is due to it being prescribed in medical centres, people perceive the drug as not as deadly as drugs such as heroin, cocaine and many other illegal drugs. This couldn’t be further from the truth as these types of opioid drugs are extremely dangerous when abused.

Addiction can lead users to start displaying certain common behaviours which are signs of a Demerol addiction if you are suffering from a number of these signs or know a loved one who is then it’s important that you begin to seek out support from drug rehabilitation centres.

These are some common signs that you may see –

  • Lying about taking the drug.
  • Illegally getting Demerol through forged prescriptions.
  • Appear in a daze.
  • Doctor-shopping.
  • Stealing.
  • Taking larger doses.
  • Missing work and responsibilities to take the drug.

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Demerol Rehab Treatment Addiction

Demerol is a very powerful substance that users can become hooked on in a matter of weeks which will result in heavy withdrawal symptoms when deciding to quit using the drug such as bad stomach aches, heavy sweating and shakes, nausea plus stomach aches. These withdrawals are a very painful experience and it is recommended that you manage them in a medically supervised centre such as rehab.

The most effective way that’s recommended to treat a Demerol addiction is through inpatient rehabilitation which gives patients 24 hour support in a drug-free enviroment which therapy specialists who can give different types of therapy sessions that’s most suited to you to help you battle against your addiction once you re-enter the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Addiction is a disease that can affect anyone. When we are addicted to something, it means that we have an intense and uncontrollable desire to use the substance or engage in the activity over and over again. Demerol's addiction is common because this medication has been used for decades as a painkiller. Unfortunately, Demerol abuse can lead to tolerance, physical dependence and addiction. The following factors may contribute to a Demerol addiction: Inadequate supply of prescription pills from physicians, lack of knowledge about the risks of demerol abuse, difficulty getting off Demerol once you start using it and easy access to drugs like Demerol on the street


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