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There are many rehab treatment options available in order to help treat a person who is currently struggling from addiction. Some treatments are more tailored then others based on a number of factors such as the severity of their addiction to life situation, find out here which treatments is best for you or a loved one today.

The biggest and hardest first step on the road to recovery for anyone who is struggling with addiction is admitting they have a problem in the first place with the drink or drug they are misusing. People can end up becoming dependent on substances for a number of reasons whether it’d be genetics, past trauma or an accident as many people become addicted to prescription drugs with no intention of becoming an addict. 

Once admitting this first step, you can move on to the next step – finding rehabilitation treatment options to get you back to your best. Finding a rehab treatment centre that is right for you can start to heal your body correctly, face problems with your mental health head-on with specialists and start feeling happy in your own skin.

There are multiple options for treatment out there as people are at different stages in terms of addiction. People who have misused a substance such as heroin on a daily basis for a severe period of time will have to enter a detox program before they enter a rehabilitation centre in order to cleanse their body from toxins and flush away the drugs from the system. You can choose between outpatient and inpatient clinics which will we discuss later in the article. 

After patients have finished their rehab treatment, it’s recommended that they follow the lessons they’ve learnt inside of rehab by continuing to visit support groups and therapy sessions with their specialists.

There isn’t just a set guide when it comes to rehabilitation, treatment centres will help find the best approach when it comes to treating you or your loved ones’ addiction with care and support. Treating addiction isn’t overnight progress, it will require a lot of hard work and determination to achieve sobriety over a long period of time. 

The good news is that you don’t have to do the journey alone, in addition to loved ones who will help you through. There are support workers always on hand to talk to in your rehabilitation centre and people with who you can build relationships who have gone through the same struggles you have been through and beat their addiction.

Rehab Treatment Options

Inpatient Rehab

Inpatient Rehab offers an arranged rehab treatment program that is created to help the patients face all aspects of their addiction. Inside an inpatient rehab clinic, patients will live in a drug-free environment and receive 24-hour support medically and mentally with therapeutic support. 

Inpatient rehab facilities have been known to be one of the most effective ways for an addict to treat their addiction in a safe managed environment and having access to specialist support to talk about the psychological side of their addiction which is just as important as the physical side.

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Outpatient Rehab

Outpatient Rehab offers the same treatments and therapy sessions as inpatient rehabs offer and is another form of extensive treatment for drug addiction. The difference is that outpatient rehab treatment allows the patient to reside in their home or a living space, not inside a rehabilitation centre. 

Patients under outpatient rehabilitation can choose to continue working or live with their families while doing treatment sessions set up by specialists throughout the week. The big risk that comes with outpatient rehabilitation is that they are at a greater risk than those in an inpatient rehabilitation centre as they can encounter triggers that cause their addiction to surface in the real world. 

Outpatient rehab is favoured by more patients with a mild addiction who can commit to a disciplined approach to living outside a rehabilitation centre.

Detox Treatment Programs

An important part of the rehabilitation program is detoxing the drug from your body completely. For people with an addiction that is prominent, this is often the first step they need to take on their road to recovery. 

Due to the severity that some drugs can do to the body system and mind, detoxing from certain drugs will require medical attention with prescribed medication to lower withdrawal symptom pains. If you attempt to detox yourself of a certain substance such as alcohol especially after drinking daily in large amounts to completely withdraw it from your system can be dangerous as you are at risk of seizures which can end up in death in some worse cases.

Many rehabilitation programmes will help set up you with a detox treatment program before you enter rehabilitation so they can withdraw the drugs from your system before working on programs such as therapy to get to the root of your addiction.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Looking to learn more about rehab treatments available? We’ve put together this FAQ to answer the most frequent questions that we get on rehab treatments. If you have any more questions, our support team is always on to answer your call and can answer any queries.

How Can I Tell A Loved One They Need Rehab For Their Addiction?

Rehab can be the best option for someone who is suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction. It’s important to know when and how to tell a loved one they need rehab. If you’re trying to help someone understand that they need professional help, it’s important to know when and how to approach them with this news. The most successful approaches include having a calm conversation about the person’s behaviour and making sure they have time to process all of their thoughts before taking any action. You can also arrange for an specialist to set-up an intervention where people can talk through their feelings.

How Long Will Rehab Treatment Take To Treat My Addiction?

The length of time it takes to overcome an addiction can vary depending on the type of addiction and how long you have been addicted. The average rehab stay is about 30 days, but in some cases, it may be shorter or longer.


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