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Handling an employee in the correct manner when they are dealing with substance addiction can be hard as it’s a touch subject. We’ve put together this article to help you get rehab help for your employee.

There are millions of employees across the United Kingdom that currently suffer from substance abuse that is costing businesses billions each year. The way you can help an employee is by understanding exactly what addiction is so you will be able to address the issue in a professional manner so you can cut down on losses, loss in productivity in work and most importantly get an employee back fit and healthy.

The best way to help employees with addiction is first to create a strategy for your company that you will be able to use when an employee starts showing signs of addiction in your work and this strategy will make it easier for you to address the addiction and get them the help they need.

There is a high stigma associated with addiction which is the feeling of shame & embarrassment that they have problems so it will stop them from getting the help that they desire. Having a clear strategy in place that you can say to your employees by your management team can remove the stigmas that come with addiction and show that you value your employees physical and mental health.

Why Should Your Company Have A Plan Set In Place?

It is a necessity for a company to have policies and plans set up for when an employee needs help with an addiction. There are laws set for when employees are known to be using substances while on the job.

Having a plan set can give employees the proper resources and make sure everyone in your workplace is safe for all individuals working.

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Signs Of Addiction To Look Out

Your management team should be trained in knowing the signs of addiction that come with drug & alcohol addiction so that they can deal with it by following the company guidelines that you have set. 

Due to there being a lot of substances that people can be addicted to, there are different signs of addiction depending on the drug they are taking but there are common behaviours that addict display that can point towards substance abuse.

The most common signs that you should keep an eye out for are –

How To Approach An Employee About Addiction

It can be difficult to approach an employee about them having a substance addiction especially as you are an employer and this can be perceived as a very personal matter. 

It might seem at first like you are taking enjoyment in pointing out their current failures and you are looking to ‘punish’ them for this behaviour but it is in your best interest to address these problems when they arise to avoid any potential risk that they pose on themselves or your other employees in the workplace.

There are many things you are going to need to have in place when approaching an employee about an addiction such as –

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How To Accommodate An Employee Recovery And Treatment

It is absolutely crucial that your plan for addressing any potential drug and alcohol abuse addiction is that your employees are supported through the policies set and have additional expectations.

Policies related following to:

  • Disciplinary Actions
  • Sickness Days
  • Employee Training
  • Welfare Employee


In all these policies, you should be in agreement with all relevant parties on how they should deal with addiction in management. This will make it easier for affected employees to know exactly what options they have in getting help and seeking recovery.

During the conversation with your employee, layout steps that they can take on how they can get help and how your company will accommodate them through their rehabilitation and recovery.

This can mean giving the employee some unpaid or paid sick days to attend rehabilitation and you can adjust their work hours to help them attend therapy sessions with their rehabilitation specialist to avoid any relapses. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Workplaces Have To Pay For An Employee's Rehab For Their Addiction?

A rehab is not a treatment for addiction. It is not just about getting sober, it’s also about learning to live without the substance and coping with the emotions that come up. Rehab can be expensive, and many employers do not provide them because they fear that providing a rehabilitation program will only lead to more problems in their workplace. But there are exceptions. Some companies have found success by including rehabilitative programs as part of their employee wellness strategy or by offering an alternative benefit such as time off work or financial assistance with out-of-pocket expenses.


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