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On Rehab Centres UK Website

On the website when we put ‘we’ and ‘us’ we are refereeing to ourselves Rehab Centres UK and ‘You’ means the user who is navigating through the site. 

By using the Rehab Centres UK website, you confirm you are 18 years older or above. If you are under the age of 18 using this website, you are confirming that you are using the services we provide with the consent of your parents or legal guardian.

Usage Rights Of Website Content

We have ownership of all the content that you see on our website. All images are on the websites we have a stock license image to use. You will run the risk of a lawsuit if you decide to copy, reproduce, distribute or transfer any aspects of our website without the permission of the owner of Rehab Centres UK.

You are free to download or print any parts of the website for personal use only. If you have any queries about this section, then please contact our support team via email.

Our Support Team

Our telephone support team are qualified and trained professional in the field of addiction and mental health. We strive to give the best possible advice that we can offer when being enquired. We can only provide our advice via telephone or email, we do not take do any face-to-face assessments. 

Our Rehab Network

We help those afflicted with addiction by putting them into contact with a rehabilitation centre located in the United Kingdom most tailored to their needs. All of the rehab centres inside our network are members of the care quality commission. We choose the best rehabilitation centre based on the assessment that you gave our support team, we do not guarantee that treatment will be 100% successful or that there is no chance of a possible relapse.

Rehabilitation Counselors

Our primary service is being a rehabilitation treatment provider to addicts who are suffering from substance abuse. Our support team once we have received your assessment through the telephone or email, we will recommend the most appropriate treatment based on it with the most suitable rehabilitation centre. The service that we provide is completely free of charge.

Cooling Period

If you have booked to use our Rehab Centres UK service over the telephone or email you are entitled to a cooling period. This allows people to cancel the service we provided without any penalty. The cooling off period is a week once you have booked to get treatment. You are not able to terminate the contract once your rehabilitation treatment has begun.

Changes To T&C’s

We have the right to change these terms & conditions of use when we please. All updated notifications will be on this page. If you do not agree to these terms & conditions, you have the right to leave the website.

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